Monday, December 9, 2013

75 degrees for my December Birthday!

Dear Family and Friends!

WHAT?!? 75 degrees in December...? Yep that's right, all of my childhood dreams of having a summer birthday came true this past week! ;) My Birthday was awesome! I didn't expect to be spoiled but I was. :) Sister Pulsipher decorated the apartment and wrote me a sweet card, The English Elders wrote me cards and they kept calling me in the morning and would yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! then hang up. lol! They did this like 3 times and then the Spanish Elders called and sang to me in Spanish. I have a great district! For lunch we went out as a district to a Japanese place... I got my sushi! And it was a lot of fun. :) Sister Cottle (Mission Presidents wife) called me and wished me a happy birthday. So sweet of her. :) For dinner we went over to the Fife's house. Sister Fife is so awesome! She made my favorite foods and I even got to blow out a candle! :) She also bought me a present! She is the best! After dinner Sister Pulsipher and I went and taught our new member Makerria! She is really cool and is searching for more truth. We talked about the restoration and the BOM. She is committed to reading it, but told us that it might take a while. We are seeing her again this evening! 

Another amazing thing happened last week! So in your first week out in the field you are challenged to commit someone to Baptism. Well I did that... to two, not one, people!!! :) Last Monday evening we were teaching this newly married couple: Julian and Jessica. We taught them their first lesson and after we had committed them to read the BOM I invited them to be baptized and the said yes! Their date is for December 28th! They were going to be at church with us yesterday but they got nervous and said they didn't have the right clothes. We told them not to worry about it but they promised us that next week they will come. I hope so cause they are great! We are also seeing them again tonight!

Last night the Christmas Devotional was fantastic! It is a little different watching firesides at 8pm instead of 6pm. For those of you who didn't see it I would highly encourage you to watch it online. All of the talks were great and I loved them all but Elder Nelson's stood out to me more. :)  Plus you will see a little boy winking at a little girl while he is suppose to be singing "I am a child of God" lol! We couldn't stop laughing about it. :)

This week in Beaufort there has been a lot of community events going on. So we have had lots of contacting opportunities! They have had festivals and parades. In less than one hour I contacted 23 people, well they were the ones who said yes and took the cards. A lot of people turned me down and said no... I love it!!! :) lol. For some reason when they say "no" I smile bigger and just want to find more people! I am loving my mission! 

Well I gotta run, but thank you to every one who has wished me a happy birthday in one way or another. and thank you all for sending me letters/emails of encouragement! They really do help! :)

~ Sister Tara Willie!

 Found a Hermit Crab on the Beach!!

Spanish Moss hanging from the Trees

At her birthday lunch with L to R: Elder Wright, Elder Brimacombe, Tara, Sister Pulsipher, Elder Bingham and Elder McCollough

These trees are called Angels trees because the branches touch the ground and then go back up

Beaufort Sign!!

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