Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Trinity.......What A Strange Belief!!

Hey y'all!!!

I am emailing today (Tuesday) since everything was closed yesterday... since it being Memorial Day. 

Well this past week flew by way fast! We are super busy and most of the days mesh together. But overall it was a good week! We learned about how the trinity works (so confusing!), met some gangstas, learned a new dance called the Na-Na, ate some real southern cooking' and learned a lot about the war chapters in the BOM! 

Remember Ken? The guy we met at DQ? Well lunch with him was interesting. He really is worried for our souls! He asked us a few questions but he mostly tried to 'convert' us to believing in the trinity. He really has potential though! I can feel it and so can Sister Abad! We discussed many different places in the Bible where it talks about the God head being one and where it shows they are separate. It is SUPER hard to explain how the God head is separate when they interpenetrate scriptures differently than we do! lol! (Oh the joys of being a missionary!) We ended on a good note and he asked us to come to dinner the next week with his family. We both felt like that would be ok. We are not sure how much he is getting out of us, but he did promise us that we could do more of the talking this next time. :)

Britney is still doing great! She is a rock star! She is so excited for her baptism and can't wait to be sealed with her family! She is such an example to us and her family! I just know Glen (her husband) will follow her and be baptized soon after! Then they can go to the Temple! She wants to take a road trip and be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple! She is so cute! I just love her and her family! We taught her about family history work and she got even more excited about the Temples! She also carries her BOM with her everywhere! (To bad not all 'gators' can be like her!) 

My studies last week have been incredible! Personal study time is one of my favorites! Coming to Cochran has opened me up to deeper doctrine, mostly because some members here enjoy studying it and like to share with the missionaries. I have learned on a deeper level about the Atonement! So amazing and exciting! Also about the second coming and resurrection! But one of my favorite talks that we listen to was by John Bytheway, on the war chapters in the BOM! (y'all should look it up!) Sister Abad and I are both "in love" with Captain Moroni! ;) I love when the scriptures come to life! 

Well I hope you are all doing well! Much love and appreciation! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

With a members GIANT dog! (The pic doesn't do it justice!)  

Baby Bunnies!!! (As S. Abad says "I want to squish them!") lol  

My district... apologizes for the bad pic, but the Elders didn't want to take another one since they were hungry

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Greetings from the heart of Georgia!!

Tara's new address
136 9th Street Apt. B
Cochran, GA 31014

Hey ya'll!

So I have been transferred to a tiny town in the middle of Georgia! It’s the true south now! "Welcome to Zion" is what the Bishop said to me when I first met him. :) Cochran Georgia is my new area and my new companion is Sister Abad from the Philippines! She is so sweet and her English is very good... but her hearing is not! lol. This leads to interesting predicaments when we are at doorsteps or in lessons. Mostly she asks the peeps the same question they just answered in a different way because she thinks they brought it up themselves. kind of makes it look like she isn't listening. lol :) She is funny and she is teaching me Tagalog! Astig/awesome! :)

Last week was super busy and kind of long! We share Cochran with the Elders (Zone Leaders) but we each get another town that is in the ward boundaries. We (The astig/awesome sisters) are in charge of the town of Eastman. Thank goodness it’s bigger than Cochran! Majority of our teaching pool is in Eastman. Wednesday was crazy! Right before we go into an appointment it starts down pouring! The rain is coming down sideways because of the wind and we are caught in it! lol! So we are soaking wet as we enter our appointment. :) We only stay for about 30 minutes and get the feeling we need to leave and head back to Cochran. We do, not thinking too much of it cause we were only heading back 30ish minutes before we had planned to. But the next day when we were visiting the same peeps we saw that something happened to their apartment. It looked like half of the roof had caved in! They tell us that a tornado had hit them! 20 to 30 minutes right after we had left them!!! Holy cats! (Sister Abad's words.) (I seriously think tornados are following me! lol) No one was badly hurt and their apartment only had water damage. Two of the girls, Keikei 19 and Taraiya 13 were baptized the Saturday before transfers! We are now working with their mom and brother. 

Saturday when we were at lunch at Dairy Queen a guy asked us to join his family so we could talk religion... and plus he thought we were Jehovah Witness. (we get that a lot...) But it turned out good. Ken and his 3 children are VERY Baptist but they respect us and what we are doing. :) Ken seriously is concerned for our souls though. Our conversation was almost Bible bashing, but there was love so the spirit was with us. :) He brought us many questions and beliefs and anti-things but it was a neat experience to follow the spirit and know what to say or what not to say. :) We ended on a good note and parted with giving him a Restoration pamphlet. A few hours later he text us and asked if we could get together again and discuss religion views. We agreed and then he told us that he would be paying for our next lunch. Very sweet man and the Southern hospitality is still living down here. :) We don’t think he is ready to listen to the lessons, but we do feel like one step at a time and this will help soften his heart. :)

The sisters before me were teaching Britney and her daughter Ebreanna (8) which now has lead to teaching the whole family! Britney wasn't ready to set a date when I first met her Tuesday, but Saturday she had been praying about it and told us for sure she wants to be Baptized June 14th!!! Benie (Ebreanna) wants to be baptized too! Glen, the husband isn't ready yet but his heart is softening! I love this family! They are so cool and they really keep their commitments! Saturday night we were teaching the girls about tithing and fasting. Britney got excited to do them! The best part is when Glen came in close to the end and asked us to explain it to him! When he heard no food and water for 2 consecutive meals his eyes bulged! lol and then Britney came out and told him they were going to do it the next fast Sunday! He looked at her and after learning more about it, mostly from Britney he agreed to do it with her! :) It was a very sweet moment! :)  

I didn't think transfers would be that hard, but coming to a new area and leaving Beaufort was really hard! I truly miss it, but I am so glad to know that no matter where I go there are members of the church and the Gospel is true! I have fallen in love with many people here already and it truly is a tender mercy.  I am so grateful for an all knowing God who is very aware of me and my needs. I am so glad to be a missionary and serving him with all my might, mind, heart and soul. 

I love you all very much! keep up the hard work! Mahal kita!

~ Sister Tara Willie

I'm really in the south now! lol :) 

With Sister Abad! 

Welcome to Cochran!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cockroaches! .....Oh and I am getting Transferred!?!!?!

Dearest family and friends!

So since I talked with many of you yesterday I will be making this a short email... plus I still need to pack and clean before tomorrow! 

Last week was super HOT! It’s been up in the 90's and we are low on miles... so we've been walking and getting real sweaty! But its lead to some fun experiences. Like talking to drunken men or meeting peeps who think they need to save us. lol! Or meeting less actives because they feel sorry for us so they give us a ride. ;) I hear its super cold back in Utah. :( That stinks! 

Yesterday at the Parris Island Sunday services I was called upon to speak in sacrament 5 minutes before it started! So I prayed and I felt like I was supposed to talk about my wonderful mother and the mothers in the BOM! It went very well if I do say so myself! ;) It was very hard to say goodbye to the female recruits. :( I am going to miss them! But I am thankful to know that I have made so many new friends out here! 

As the caption says I am being transferred... but I won’t find out till tomorrow. Yesterday was my goodbye to the ward and to the recruits. It was hard! Beaufort has become to feel like home! I love it here and all the people that I have met. Many missionaries have said it was harder to leave their first area than home... I wouldn't say it’s harder but it’s still hard. But at the same time I am excited to go someplace new! 

I cannot really think what else to say since I told most of it yesterday... yep. ;) lol. I love you all and I am so glad I got to talk to many of you yesterday! Happy (late) mother’s day to all of you mothers! Past, present and future! I hope you are all doing well! Much love and prayers! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

Last pic with my District! 

The sisters in my Zone :) #savannaheastzone 

Goodbye Beaufort! I'm going to miss you :( 

Come unto Jesus! :) 

The female recruits! I just love them :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Super heroes, Horse crabs, Police reports, Drill Instructors and a Baptism!

Dear Family and Friends!

This past week is kind of a blur..... Good thing I write in my Journal every night and take lots of pics so I can remember what happened! Lol :) 

Last Sunday Sister Clouse and I found a dead horseshoe crab on Parris Island beach! Of course we took it home and decided we would leave it on the George's (senior couple) porch! Well the Elders found it and placed it on ours so we would find it that morning! The 'prank' began! The next two days it was placed on each others door steps, cars and eventually hanging in front of their door! (yep we won!) ;) The crab STANK way bad too! haha! It was pretty funny! :) 

Tuesday we went and Saw Miss Mullen, things have slowed down again with her. :( But she is still learning and loves us! Every time I pray to know if we should drop her I get the feeling she needs more time and to not give up on her! When we were almost done with our lesson a big hollering commotion took place outside and the cops showed up! It was kinda funny to cause when they showed up everyone pretty much scattered! So it was just two guys, the cops and the sister missionaries! lol! They were very nice though and all we had to do was fill out a police report saying what we saw. 

This last week we found a less active out in the 'boonies'! Tanisha is so awesome! She is very sweet and is a great mom to her 5 kids. She has a little testimony and really liked the church when she was baptized 4 years ago. We are helping her strengthen her testimony and come back to church! The best part is she doesn't work on Sundays!!! She has a good work ethic too and doesn't expect any help from the church (so her intent is real)! I really like her and love the spirit about her too! :) 

Parris Island has to be one of my favorite parts of being in Beaufort!!! The female recruits out numbered the males again this week! and 11 of them were nonmembers! Two of the members are doing great missionary work! I really love all these girls! They are so much fun to teach and they have great questions, like: How can I get baptized? or What was Joseph Smith's role in the Church? Many of them are sincerely interested! After the services, Recruits Tiara Young was BAPTIZED!!! She was so excited and nervous! Everyone was so happy for her too! :) She was beaming once she came out of the water and received the Holy Ghost! It was also the fastest baptism service I have ever seen! We were done in 5 minutes! But it was still beautiful and spiritual! :) 

I love you all and hope you are having a great week! Keep working hard at spreading the Gospel and being righteous examples to those around you!!! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

With the drill instructor.... normally we wouldn't be smiling. 

Super Heroes with the Thompson boys! :)  


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another week has past.... and i cannot think of anything cool... ;)

Dear Family and Friends!

Congrats to Kayanne and Joey on their marriage last Saturday! I am very happy for them! I have seen a few pictures and they look very happy! 

Tuesday evening Sister Clouse and I went with our ward mission leader, Brother Frank to a religious conference here in Beaufort. It was pretty cool and we may have been the youngest ones there by at least 15 years. ;) Many of the people were impressed and enjoyed hearing more about what we do. Most of them knew about the Elders but had no idea about the Sisters. Other religious leaders said the prayers... and they were pre-written!? 

Last Saturday we did a Zone Blitz in the Hilton Head ward. All the missionaries in my zone got together with members so we could find many less-actives on their list. It was a great success and lots of fun to go on splits with the members. I was with Sister Morgan (the relief society pres. in Beaufort) and we had fun talking with people who were very anti! One lady screamed at us and told us to go away, that she wants nothing to do with the church! All this was before we even walk onto her property and said something! lol! We calmly explained why we were there and she calmed down and we could feel her heart softening towards us. It was incredible to see her change. :) 

Later that afternoon the English Elders had a baptism. Betty is 65 and awesome! She was so excited to have her sins washed away! Once she came out of the water the look on her face was pure peace and then she started crying because she was so happy! It was very spiritual and beautiful to witness that. :)  I love seeing peoples hearts change for the better, it makes the hard days (almost) worth it. 

Yesterday we got to go to Parris Island services again! Woot woot! (It’s so awesome!) There was 15 female recruits and 12 Male recruits... a new record for the girls! They have never beaten the boys before! ;) Of that 15 only 5 of them were members, the girls are good at bring their friends! So our class was huge! One of the 'older' recruits wants to be baptized! She is so ready and will be getting baptized next Sunday!!! Many of the others girls want to keep coming back and they tell us how much they love it! I just love these girls! They are so great! :) 

Mother’s Day is coming up in 2 weeks! and then transfers are right behind it! I hope you are all doing well and working hard! Thanks for your prayers on my behalf, they are much appreciated! Love ya lots! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

We saw a GATOR!!!  

With Sister Morgan on splits!  

With most of the Female recruits!!