Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcoming the New Year with.....

Dearest family and friends, 

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas because I sure did! I received many letters, cards and packages and I felt so loved and blessed! Thank you very much! :)

Christmas Eve was spent first at the Serrano's home. All 6 of us missionaries were invited. We ate wonderful food and then with their 5 children we acted out the Nativity story. I got to be an Angel. :) It was a wonderful reminder of why we celebrate Christmas and it was so wonderful to see how excited the children got about the story. After my whole district went caroling to a few of our investigators! That was so much FUN!!! President Cottle committed us to doing that and it has really helped many of the investigators feel loved and accepted by us. :) (And they didn't really care if some of the Elders couldn't hold a tune. lol) 

Christmas day was fabulous! We opened presents as soon as we woke up! :) And then we had breakfast at the Clancy’s with the Elders. For Lunch we ate at the Morgan’s and then we got to call our families!!!!! I loved seeing/hearing everyone and how life is going. :) Christmas day was just a chill and relaxing day. 

Friday and Saturday were exchanges with the sister training leaders. I went to Rincon Georgia. There I helped teach a 12 year old girl. Her grandparents are members and have made a deal with her to go to church for a year and take the missionary discussions to see if she would like to be baptized. She is pretty nervous to ask her mother for permission. She knows this is the true church but she has a lot of fear holding her back. Her grandparents have a pretty neat story though: The Grandmother has been a member her entire life. She married a non-member, the grandpa. She has been active and never given up hope that her husband will one day join the church. Well 44 years later in their marriage he was baptized and then this past summer they were sealed in the Temple!  Wow! Talk about a lot of faith and patience she must of had. It was a beautiful testimony. :) 

So over half of my district has been sick this past week, including my companion. I was doing pretty well at avoiding it but it got me yesterday. :( So I will be welcoming in the New Year with a cold and whatever else this is... only 2 elders haven't gotten sick yet. But lucky for me my mommy sent me with emergen-C. Thanks Mom! :) 

Oh also since Tuesday is New Year’s Eve we have a lock down. We are not allowed to be out after 6pm. So Sister Pulsipher and I will have to find something productive to do inside our apartment.... The Elders are talking about playing Risk. lol. 

Well I love you all so much, Thank you for your support and love. Sorry I didn't have much going on this week with it being Christmas and us being sick, it wasn't the most productive week. :( This week is going to be better though! :D 

~ Sister Tara Willie

 By their tree and with all Tara's presents from everyone :)

 Having fun at the Clancy's

With their sister missionary cookies!! :)

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