Monday, January 20, 2014

A Whirlwind Of A Week!!

Dearest Family and Friends,

So this past week has been super weird and busy and sad and just... crazy! Sister Snow past away Tuesday morning. Her memorial service was Friday afternoon. It was very nice and sort. The missionaries were asked to participate in the program. :) She will be missed very much, but it is very nice to know she is no longer in pain and in a better place.

We did service for sister Summerall (the kinda crazy, less active) On Saturday. She is so sweet, I really like her. :) We helped her go grocery Shopping (she has a fear of leaving the house.) and we also helped organized her house. She is super intellectual and enjoys learning about other cultures and religion. So we had a lot to talk about. :) She also was very sweet and took us out to dinner! (which was awesome cause our appointment cancelled on us.) She is really fun to talk to, but sometimes you can see the "crazy" come out. lol :) She apparently has a fiance living in Egypt... She even showed us his picture on Facebook and another weird thing is, he is 28 and she is 56. She is pretty cool, even tho she is a bit weird! :) 

We did a lot of tracking this week! But not to many takers. :( But we went back to a family that we had tracked into a few weeks ago and they were home and invited us in!!! We got to teach them the first lesson and they invited us back! :) They have 4 daughters and 2 nieces living them, so taught 7 little girls and they all were very attentive and asked good questions. the mom and grandma were standing off in the back but they were listening. :) the 16 year is very excited about it! Her name is Keirra. She has committed to read the Book of Mormon! We are going back later this week to see how she is doing on that. 

So some random things. First tomorrow is Zone Conference in Savannah! This weekend is Stake Conference and they have asked all the missionaries in our zone to sing during the Saturday night adult session. (I will go were you want me to go.) Also our meal calendar is filled for the next 4 weeks!!! Every day! We are pretty excited! lol! :) The Elders are a little jealous... I don't blame them. (The ward is a little particle to sisters right now. Kinda makes me feel bad for the Elders sometimes, but the ward still loves them, they just aren't spoiled.) 

I love you all very much! Thanks for your love and support! Share the gospel where ever you are!

~ Sister Tara Willie

 I saw an Alligator ;) hehe

A boat in the middle of the's a mile or two from the coast. I thought it was random 

 Some yummy meat stuff in the grocery store....SICK!!!

 With Elder Brimacombe, we are being goofs at a dinner :)

 Us before Sister Snow's Memorial Service!

Lobsters at the Store!

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