Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tender Mercies and Little Miracles.....Oh I just love my Heavenly Father!! :)

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week has had its ups and downs, busy day and slow days. I feel like I am learning and growing a lot.. and it is not always comfortable. But with the Lord anything and everything is possible and eventually it will pass.

Tuesday was our zone conference! It was pretty awesome learning from President Cottle. He is a fantastic teacher and knows the Gospel very well! :) He taught us about the "Trust Box" and how in relationships, trust is more vital than love. When we are obedient we will stay in the box, as missionaries the white hand book and Preach my Gospel are what helps us stay within the box. We are more free when we are being obedient, even to the rules that are small and seem silly. Sister Pulsipher and I have committed ourselves to being exactly obedient, even to the small rules... I have noticed so many more blessings even though we were not being disobedient before. :) Later he taught us more about the Temple recommend questions. He explained all of them to us. :) I was so wonderful hearing those questions again and being to fully understand them.  

I went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. I went to Rincon Georgia again, but this time I was with Sister Woodbury! She is so awesome and a great missionary!!! She has only been out one more transfer than me, so we had a good time working hard and keeping busy and talking with everyone! I loved it SO much!!! We both where in missionary heaven! :) (Her companion is also at the tail end of her mission.)  We taught this lady out on her porch at 8:45 pm. the lesson on the restoration went so well! She had questions and understood majority of what we presented to her. She got excited about the Book of Mormon and asked us to come back the next day! We did leave till 9:25 pm! I will have to ask Sister Woodbury how it went the next day. :) 

On Saturday we went and visited Jeanette. She is a friend of an inactive member of the ward. She received a BOM and was reading it. She asked to meet with us. When we met up with her she had finished the BOM and was reading in the index because she wanted to read everything!!! She told us that she had already prayed to know if it is true and she knows it is, because of the dreams she had! It was so neat! :) We talked with her about the restoration, Joseph Smith and the priesthood power. We invited her to be baptized but she doesn't believe in being baptized more than once. (She was baptized as a girl into a Baptist church) We then explained more about the priesthood authority and she really understood and believed it, but was still a little hesitant. (which is perfectly normal) We then committed her to pray if she should be baptized or not. :) We also committed her to come to church and guess what?!?!? She came!!! It was a regional stake conference, being broad cast from Orlando Florida. Elder Russell M. Nelson was there! :) Jeanette LOVED all of the speakers and their messages! (Elder Gay and Elder Kopischke of the 70 and also Sister Carol McConkie of the YW presidency.) Elder Nelson spoke on the doctrine of the Gospel. I love it so much! He made it so simple that Jeanette said she learned a lot. :) 

Also in the Saturday night adult session my zone sang a song and also the stake president invited everyone to fast this coming week for more missionary opportunities! We are all very excited for this! :) 

I love you all! Thank you so much for your prayers!  

~ Sister Tara Willie

 With Sister Woodbury

 At a members house, her bird kept landing on my head lol :)

With my zone after singing!!

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