Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mini Miracles! (And some funny instances too)

Dearest family and friends!!! 

The weeks keep flying by! Yesterday was my 5 month mark... what?!?! 

So Teyla is doing great! She will be baptized this Saturday!!! woot woot! Her dad had a total change of heart! He even bore his testimony yesterday in church and it was beautiful! The spirit was so strong! We are so excited for her! :)

Speaking of Church, yesterday was an incredible fast Sunday! Sister Summerall... the crazy lady we visit in the ward, got up and bore her testimony! She had just fed us the night before and her 6 year old grandson Brody was there. Brody's mom grew up a member but is very anti now and she will not let sister Summerall tell him about our church or even pray in front of him. So at dinner we prayed and talked a little bit about being missionaries. This little boy is very bright! Sister Summerall said in her testimony that the next morning Brody asked his mom if he could pray like the missionaries do and how he could become one. He also asked her why our church's name would have Jesus Christ in it, wouldn't it make it his church? Sister Summerall is so grateful to have this door inch open! After church we were at her house when her daughter and brody came! He was excited to see us, his mom was civil, but hearts will be soften! I am excited to help the Lord in softening this lady's heart. :) 

Miss Mullen is still moving forward.. just slowly. She asked us how we handle situations where people we teach take a long time (hinting about herself) we told her that we make it a matter of prayer and just love them. She then called herself out on being slow but that she knows she is getting there. :) 

Funny story! (sorry but I am going to leave out some details cause I am in a rush!) So on Thursday we were celebrating S. Clouse's 9 month mark and the elders gave her 4 blue pills that she thought was ibuprofen... well they were but PM ones! lol! She got super loopy on a high dose of benadryl! She was saying funny things and acting hilarious! We still had one more lesson to teach too! We went to teach Teyla the law of Chasity and the Word of wisdom.  We started teaching and she just knocked out cold! right there on the floor! haha! Good thing the Longs are pretty chill! Also it was fun/weird to be teaching by myself. But her parents had input too. :) After the lesson it took forever to wake her up!  Once I was able to get her in the car and drive home she said silly things! She grabbed my hand and said "I miss holding hands" and held my hand the rest of the way home! haha! I just love my companion! We get along great and we laugh a lot! :) 

Sorry this one is short! But know how grateful I am to be on a mission to be sharing the gospel with others and to see them change is such a blessing. :) Much love!

~ Sister Tara Willie

With Teyla and Keiryn and a sleeping Sister Clouse! 

My awesome district! 

With Sister Summerall and Brody :) 

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