Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Weekend!!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wasn't Conference wonderful!?! All the talks have helped answer my questions and concerns! I can't say if I have a favorite one, but I really liked how Elder Ballard talked about sharing what you are learning in PMG with your family, friends and the missionaries! Such a cool idea! I hope all of you will share with me what you are studying and learning out of it! To help kick us off I will tell you what I recently studied out of PMG. Chapter 3 section 5, mainly on Temples, Families and Family history work. When Elder Perry said "The Family is a pattern of Heaven" it helped make more connections of what I had just studied! I love teaching people about eternal families! It gets them very excited and gives them hope! It’s wonderful to experience this. :)

I also loved President Monson's talk about love! "Love is the very essence of the Gospel" So true! Last week we taught Alex and her family about service. She had no idea what it was! We explained to her that it is helping someone out, without expecting anything in return. And then we got into the love part. She got so excited to start serving her family! It was really cute! :) She however felt very over whelmed as a 9 year old girl that she wouldn't be able to help much outside of her family. We told her not to worry about that right now, she needs to first start in her own home and family. I loved that President Monson said that in his talk too! :) 

Things are going better with Teyla and her family! Her dad's heart has been softened and he is encouraging her more to continue to learn and to listen to us, and to stick with her date! He has many questions for her to see if she truly understands. It is wonderful seeing the power of prayer working right before your eyes! Small miracles! 

I hope all is well for you guys! Have a wonderful week! Luv ya

~ Sister Tara Willie

April Fool's Day we were given spaghetti...but it was really cake :) 

So random, but I thought it was cool. The things we find tracking. 

We are "obsessed" with Frozen! Sister Clouse is Elsa and I am Anna! We even did our hair like them!! :)

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