Friday, June 20, 2014

Macon Miracles in the GMM!

Dearest Family and Friends!

Last week was SUPER busy with meetings and interviews and driving back and forth from Cochran to Macon 4 times! Needless to say we didn't have as much proselyting time cause of it. But we still had a successful week!!!! 

Brittney and Ebryanna were BAPTIZED on Friday the 13th! Woot woot! It was a very spiritual service. The Bishop got up after and said a few words to Brittney. He told her that he wasn't sure why he needed to say the things he said but he was following the promptings. He was an answer to her prayers about being an example to her husband and family, and they would eventually follow her decision and be baptized. Wow! Brittney was so excited about that! She can't wait to go and be sealed with her whole family! She and Glen (her husband) have four children; Beanie was the only one who chose to be baptized with her mom. I am so excited for them! They were just glowing! They both said that when they had received the Holy Ghost they both felt their bodies get super warm and felt like they were "on fire"! (Baptism by fire!) 

Mini miracles, where the spirit prompts us: 

1) Sister Abad and I have been trying to meet a referral for the past two weeks. We have never been able to catch her until Wednesday! We knocked on her door and she opened, her dog was barking up a storm so before we could introduce ourselves she said one minute as she left to go put the dog away, leaving the door open. When she came back and before we could say anything she asked us to come inside! (Wow! that never happens and we hadn't even said one word yet!) Inside there was a feeling of sadness and distress. Monnie (that’s the referral) is crying and tells us it’s not a good time cause they are having a family issue. (I think someone just died) She is crying... but she let us in! So we sympathized with her and asked her a few questions before we left. She has met with missionaries before and would like us to come back because of the good feelings she gets. Sister Abad shares a scripture with her, Alma 34:40-41 (one of my favorites!) Wow that was what she needed! She cried even harder and said that helped her a lot. After leaving with a prayer she asked us to come back soon. 

2) Sunday evening we were trying to find this less active. We couldn't find her house so we knocked around looking for her. No one knew who she was. :( But we did meet some potential! However the real miracle was when we looked at her address again, we had the wrong house number! lol! We were running to another appointment and I was tired of looking for this lady, so we headed to see Miss Peggy. But half way to Miss Peggy's, I kept getting this feeling we needed to go to the real address of this less active now! So I turn to Sister Abad (who is driving) and tell her we need to turn around and find this house. She being an awesome comp didn't ask any questions, she just said ok and turned the car around. We get to the house and it looks like there are no signs of life. I was skeptical that anyone one be home and I really wanted to go see miss Peggy. So I start writing a sticky note to leave on the door and even in thinking that no one is home, I leave my bag back in the car. (the sad thing is I kept getting the feeling I don't need this note and I will need my bag.)  We ring the doorbell just to say we tried and behold someone answered the door! It is not the LA, but someone else who just moved there last week! Her name is miss Dolly and she is very sweet! She invited us in right away and wanted to hear our message. Wow! First off I am glad I listened to the spirit, even though I didn't want to and second it’s a good thing S. Abad had her bag so we had her scriptures! The lesson went well and Miss. Dolly told us that she has been searching! She really wants us to come back to share more! Right when we ended our lesson, in walked her... friend? boyfriend? I received the distinctive feeling that if we hadn't come when we were prompted to, we wouldn't have been able to get in and teach her! 

Yesterday was Stake Conference! During the Sunday session our zone + the Columbus zone sisters sang with President Cottle conducting us! It has been a dream of his to lead a missionary choir, of his missionaries! :) He used to conduct for a living... and teach institute. We sang "Behold the wounds in Jesus' hands" and "This is the Christ" (my favorite!) We spent almost all day Saturday practicing. It went very well! A very spiritual conference and a super neat experience! President Cottle was so touched that he started crying after the second song. The angels came down and helped us. :) President Cottle spoke on missionary work, he inspired the members to share the gospel and to help us full time missionaries find people. After conference a member in the Cochran ward came up to us and said during Pres. Cottle's talk he had felt prompted to have us teach a member of his family! How awesome! Everyone needs to catch the wave and get excited for missionary work! :)  

Well hope y'all are doing great! Keep smiling and catch the wave!  XOXO

~ Sister Tara Willie

With all the sisters in the Macon zone! 

 Brittney and Beanie's baptism!

With President and Sister Cottle!

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