Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Working Hard = Blessing Beyond Belief!

Dearest Family and Friends!

Transfers are this week but Sister Abad and I are staying together!!! Everyone was thinking she would be leaving since she has already been here for 6 months! When they didn't call her name during the conference call we screamed! loo :) We are having so much success and love each other very much! 

This past week was a great one! We some how ended up with a referral that was back from 2005! We were confused but we went and visited her. Tonya let us teach her lesson one, it was an ok lesson but at the end we both had strong over whelming feelings to not wast our time on her! (wow this btw is very rare, most of the time we have the feeling they just need time before we come back) We asked her for referrals and she pointed us the direction of her neighbor Jennifer. Sister Abad and I had 15 minutes to drive to our next appointment and we only had about 20 minutes till we needed to be there, so we were hesitant to knock on her door in case we ended being late. But we knocked anyways and miracle upon miracles happened! Not only was Jennifer home but she let us in and had her 3 daughters join us and turn off the TV! They all participated and were very interested! During the lesson the spirit kept prompting us to say and do different things, the lesson was one of  the best that we taught and was super powerful! They even want us to come back! Woot! I have a goal to baptize a family on my mission! :) We were late to out next appointment but that was ok since he had just pulled up when we got there! We were able to see Miss. Donna and share a scripture with her and thats when her daughter showed up. They both were receptive and loved hearing about the BOM and the next time we came the dad was super excited about what we share! Its just hard to catch them at a good time... but once they realize the importance of our message they will make time! 

Speaking of making time for our message, Nikki has been super super busy but she makes time for us! She is SO awesome! We kept having conflicting schedules, since we go to Eastman every other day and she was either in Atlanta or her kids had softball tournaments, but we were able to have a great lesson and she had so many good questions! I love when our investigators have questions cause it truly means they are learning! We talked about what faith is to us and about conversion and reverence. I was able to ask her if she is willing to be baptized and gave her a date for July 26th! She said YES YES! But she needs to talk with her husband first... he claims to be Muslim. But she is super excited and can't wait to learn more! We hope to start teaching her whole family soon! :) 

Brittney is so amazing! She is excited about being a visiting teacher and having a calling! I love her enthusiasm and willingness to serve in the church! Glen (husband) is a lot more open to listening to us! He was afraid that when Brittney was baptized that he would be left behind, but all those fears are gone now! We are having FHE with them tonight and he is really excited and said he was in charge of the game! As he notices how this gospel is bring his family closer together his heart will become more open and he will except the truthfulness! Then his family can be sealed in the temple!!! :)     

I just love being a missionary! I love the area I am serving in and all the hard work that we do here! I hope y'all have a great week and keep smiling! Remember to share the gospel with someone, even if they are already a member cause your testimony will be strengthen! Love 
~ Sister Tara Willie
Tracting down a dirt road.....it's super hot!! 

Random sign in Eastman! 

My name :)

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