Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow in South Carolina!!

Dearest Family and Friends,

This past week was such an adventure! We had many lessons and SNOW!!! :) 

On Wednesday it snowed/iced over. As a safety precaution we were told not to leave our apartments unless it was above freezing. President Cottle said it was because the people here don't know how to drive in it. They know majority of the missionaries can, but they wanted to keep us safe. So what did we do all day you ask?!? (because it never got above 32 degrees) Well we were productive, but we went 'sledding'!!! lol :) I mean there really are no hills here so we had to improvise. The Elders used the bridge they live by and we used a slope off of the road... it didn't really work, but it was fun! :) Sister Pulsipher and I also tried to walk on 'frozen' water! I made it pretty far out! But I promise we also did work! It got to 31 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. We had an appointment with Jeanette and we really didn't want to cancel. So we went and taught her anyways... She doesn't live too far away and we didn't have to cross any bridges! :) She really was so grateful that we came! :) It was such a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation. She understood it very well and the three degrees of glory made sense to her. She told us that she was always confused when she read 1 Corinthians 15 and that now it totally makes sense. She has yet to pray to know if she should be baptized by the proper authority though. We explained to her more about the priesthood and why it is important to be baptized by that authority. We asked her again to pray about it and she said she will. She also has started rereading the BOM!!! She started crying when she told us how much she loves it and that she feels so good when she is reading it. :)

Saturday morning we went back to Jeanette’s and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We empathized more on baptism and asked her if she had prayed about it? She said "sort of" so we got in a discussion of why she wasn't and we came to find out that she really doesn't understand the importance of the priesthood. We had a member with us and she did a beautiful job on why she knows the priesthood is authority from God. We had her pray with us there and we asked her how she was feeling. She told us that she felt good and we talked about the Holy Ghost more.... so slowly but surely she is coming to understand. It is so amazing to see how much she changes as she accepts the gospel. :) The spirit is always very strong when we are teaching her. :) 

Out in Sheldon, (a tiny town inland) there is this beautiful abandoned church that was built in the 1750's. A member who lives out there was having us over for dinner, so she drove us over there and it was like a kid in a candy shop!!! :) hehe! Sister Pulsipher and Sister Cook (the member) were laughing at how giddy and excited I got over the stones and the graves. :) It was a lot of fun and really cool to see some prerevolutionary history. :) 

This coming Sunday we are putting on a fireside for missionary work! We are trying to get the ward excited to do missionary work and also to come out with us. We are having about 6 people from the ward tell their conversion stories and about 4 musical numbers to mix it up a bit. My district and I will be singing! I am pretty excited for this and so are many of the members! :) 

I hope things are going well for you at home. I love you all and I am so grateful for all of your love and support! Keep up the hard work and give a referral to the missionaries serving in your area! It will make there day! :) 

~ Sister Tara Willie

 Trying to sled in the snow lol

At the Old Sheldon Church!! :)

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