Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"The best paths in life are rarely the easiest." - Elder Godoy

Well Howdy Y'all! 

This week was great! On a random note... we got to pet some llamas!!!! :D lol! We did more service with the Elders fro Tabby and John. I love Tabby so much! Service is so great! We had ZTM! Fantastic! I love getting "revamped" on what I can do to become the best missionary ever!!! A miracle happened after ZTM when half of us missionaries when out to eat at a Chinese buffet. We had all just sat down when this sweet Chinese lady came up to us. She has been praying to find the church! She is a member and moved to Georgia from New York 2 weeks ago. Her English is limited, but she has a beautiful testimony! Four years ago her husband and her were baptized. She is all alone right now till the rest of her family can move down. She was crying and said a pray of gratitude. It was a really neat experience! Heavenly Father is very aware of each and everyone of us! 

We had a fantastic lesson with Ken on the Plan of Salvation! He had great, deep questions and his heart is softening A LOT!!! He is now reading the Book Of Mormon!!! Wohoo!!! He is progressing great! And we taught this sweet older women named Miss. Wynell. A few months ago Sister Abad and I did service for her, but we were never able to find her home or it wasn't a good time. Well last week Sister Schmidt and I were able to teach her the first lesson! She isn't to open to it, but her heart will be soften. Miracles happen every day! :) They do all the time! A part member family we've been visiting opened up to us last week and are allowing  us to come back to teach a lesson to the husband! He expressed gratitude for us always showing love to his family, especially as they've been having a lot of trials thrown their way.

One of my favorite lessons this week was with Edie!!! She is SO awesome! I instantly loved her when we first met a week ago! She is Scottish and "saved" us when we were caught in a downpour and walking! :) We went back and visited with the pretense that she doesn't want to be preached to. We went in and just talked to her, but she kept asking us questions about our religion and beliefs! So we were able to teach her! :) She has had a ruff life, but she is a fighter with spunk! She is a widow and has 7 cats too! lol! She isn't sure what she believes in, she says she would call herself a mix between Christian and Jewish. She is the first person I've met here in the south that doesn't have some level of faith/belief in our savior Jesus Christ. So this is a new challenge for me in how to teach her! I am way excited! She has great potential!!! :) 

Yesterday we had two BAPTISMS!!! We received special permission to do them on Sunday from President Cottle. SO many ward members showed up too! Gabi (13) and Riley (20) were both baptized! We've been helping Gabi since August! She is sweet girl! It was the most spiritual baptism I've ever been too! So sweet and powerful! The Priesthood is so wonderful and truly is the power and authority to act in God's name. This is His church here on earth today! I testify that this Church is lead and guided by our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be apart of this church and spread this glorious news! I love watching this gospel change people! It is such a humbling experience to watch them be baptized and become clean! 

I love y'all very much! Keep smiling and sharing your testimony! xoxoxo 
~ Sister Tara Willie
 At lunch w/ half the zone and with that sweet Chinese lady!  
Beautiful Georgia!
w/ Gabi at her baptism!!!

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