Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Fall Ya'll :)

Hey Y'all!

Its fall! Its fall! Its fall!!! Fall is my favorite season! It just makes me super happy to feel the (somewhat) crisp cool air, see the leaves changing and smell the fires burning! :) This past week was kinda a 'struggly' week, but it ended with a bang cause of General Conference!!!  

Us and the elders did service on Tuesday! Man it was hard and long, but so much fun! I love serving others! We painted a very ugly house. It is falling apart and should be condemned, but hey its a place where they at least have a roof and 4 walls. While we painted and killed TONZ of bugs, the elders were cleaning up the yard and it was a jungle out there! They got eaten alive by mosquitoes! There is such a joy from doing service! You are putting other first! Do y'all know what JOY stands for? J - Jesus first, O - Others second, Y - Yourself last. This is how you should be living your life. Now I am not saying this is easy, this is why we have a life time to work on it. To progress and become better! The Atonement comes into play each time we fail and get to try again! Oh how glorious this gospel is! 

On a sad note we got dropped by someone we've been teaching since June! :( It is super sad when this happens... and she did it over text too! Its like breaking up with someone over text, you just don't do it! #lamesauce But we aren't gonna take it lying down! Nope! We are gonna (nicely) go over and see whats up! 

We were (finally) able to teach a full lesson to Ken this past week! His heart is truly softening! He is now a lot more open to reading the BOM and he even watched and recorded conference!!! Wow! Didn't see this coming! He enjoys half of conference and was surprised with how much Christ was mentioned... lol! Its not like I have Jesus Christ's name on my badge every time I see him. lol! There is such power when the prophet and apostles speak! 

Conference was a blast! We watched all the sessions at the church and many members were there. Bethany, Brittney, Gabi, Riley and Janean all came for at least one session!!! I loved all that I personally learned and also hearing from my gators, recent converts and returning members what they learned! General Conference really does answer our questions and concerns when we are truly listening. We can only get out of a meeting by what we put in and/or how much we prepared (by praying) and listen. I hope y'all were able to get something out of conference?! If not, I would encourage you to pray and then watch a talk or two online and see if you do get something personally out of it! I can promise you that if you pray before that you will be enlighten and willing to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, you will receive an answer to your questions or learn something new that will help you grow and progress. 

 I love all y'all very much! Keep smiling and praising God even in our times of trials. 1 Nephi 18:16

 ~ Sister Tara Willie
 With S. Schmidt, E. Allen & E. Greene after our service project! 

They had just plowed up these peanuts! 

In a cotton field, that is almost blooming. We are with a members grandchildren. :)

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