Monday, November 10, 2014

Gypsies in SC... what the?

Hey y'all!

This last week we spent a good amount of it driving. We had MLC in Macon, a 3 hour drive, 6 hour meeting and then anther 3 hour drive. MLC was AWESOME!!! We helped establish (written down) what our mission culture is. "We are Macon Miracles by... Loving One Another, Being Obedient and Working Hard." That was super neat being part of that. It is also cool seeing the "behind the scene" of stuff. Mostly what we learned about was how to teach and train other missionaries. It was fun spending more time with President and Sister Cottle, plus seeing a lot of mission buddies! 

We are working on getting two town: Edgefield and Johnston, that are way out in the boonies full of investigators so eventually missionaries will be placed out there. Its hard work, but I am really enjoying it! I like being out in the smaller towns and just knocking doors. People are a bit more receptive in smaller towns from my own experience. Plus the scenery is beautiful! 

We just started teaching Jessica. She is a cute 9 year old that comes from a semi-active family. She was/is terrified of having lots of people watch her while she gets baptized. So her family put it off and now we get to teach her! She wants to be baptized, we are just helping her get over her fear as we teach her. But she participated yesterday in the primary program. We were very proud of her! 

Miracle happen last week! It was 8:30 and we had no idea who to see. We happen to have a old media referral so we went over and this lady open the door and told us now is not a good time. We weren't pushy, we just told her we had a bible for her. She open the door and told us to come in. We started talking with her. Cheryl is a widow and drives ambulances for a living.  She is pretty active in her baptist church but she is sorta interested in learning more. We talked about the restoration and what she has heard about our church. She doesn't believe that God or Jesus have bodies of flesh and that men can have the priesthood power. I really liked talking with her. She is searching and is SO ready to learn more! At the end of our lesson I wasn't to sure if she would be willing to have us back, but I knew we needed to come back! We asked her and she said she would love having us back! She even told us her schedule so we would never miss her! woot woot! I am excited! NA is getting on fire!!! :) 

Now if you think that gypsies live in wagons and are part of circus you are wrong! At lease thats not the gypsies in NA. There are about 4000 of them and they... well lets just say they know how to work the system. They all are catholic and live in a certain part of NA. They all build BIG houses, but have little houses behind them that they live in for the first year or two so all of the "bad" spirits leave the house. Its pretty cool to be honest! And you can recognize them when you are out shopping or something.  They all look a like and wear a lot of make up. We are not allowed to knock their streets... IDK but its President's rule. But if they request us to visit, then we can go over! I really want to teach one... almost as much as I want to baptize someone named Willie!!! lol :) 

I love y'all so much! Keep focusing on everyone's positives, uplift others and help those in need! XOXOXO 

~ Sister Willie
 Fall time in a peach orchard! 

We are pretty pro at washing the car in our skirts! lol 

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