Monday, November 17, 2014

Alchemist, Missionetts, Ice storms, ZTM and One Year mark!

Tara is in the middle of no where now, so she asks that you send any letters or anything to her mission home address which is:

400 Northside Crossing
Macon, GA 31210


This past week was an interesting one! The week went by fast, but the days seemed forever long! I hit my year mark last week... crazy! So of course I had to burn a skirt! (it was a pretty ugly one too!) lol! :) 

We had ZTM (zone training meeting) on Thursday. My companion and I gave two training's since we are the STL's. I have realized that I really enjoy teaching large groups of people, but i don't like giving talks cause no one talks back! lol We re-vamped the zone to be better at updating their area books and to have successful exchanges. When we update the area book it shows our love for our investigators! We had a few role plays that the ZL's were in charge of. We had one Elder teach us about the role of chay-chay.... ya none of use have every heard that before either... it was kinda awkward to be honest. lol 

 After ZTM we went on exchanges! Sister Ellison was with me in NA. I just love her! She was my STL back in the Macon zone and we have become really good friends! Together we taught two really amazing lessons! We saw Jessica and taught her the Plan of Salvation using a puzzle! She was more involved and is super excited for her baptism! She chose December 6th! (I told her she could always do it the day before since thats my B-day. lol ;)) Then we saw Cheryl! We introduced the BOM to her and explained more about the role of the Holy Ghost. She  told us that she believes there can be more scripture out there and she is excited to read the BOM!!! She is the first person I have met on my mission that has said (at lease out loud) that they believe there can be more scripture besides the Bible! I almost fell off the couch when she said that! lol! She is so ready for this gospel! 

We visit this sweet older/part-member couple, the Polshas! Bro P. is very sarcastic, but sweet. He calls us the mission-etts since we are girls. lol I have never heard that one before. Sometimes we are called lady-missionaries or the sister-elders or even the missionaries and the Elder are just the Elders. haha :) But anyways, while we were there he kept looking out the window and getting distracted by something. Finally he stands up goes outside on the back deck and takes a gun with him. He starts shooting at the squirrels!!! HAHAHA!!! It was a funny site to behold since he just had surgery a week ago and was in him pajamas. His wife had been a member for over 30 years! And they have been married for 54 years! He is a stubborn man but he fully supports his wife in the gospel. I wonder what is holding him back? It takes a lot for him to open up about religion. 

We had a miracle last night! We stopped by to see Stephanie and she was super happy! That is not her normal since she is going through a divorce and messy custody battle. But she is starting to get hope! She is reading the BOM and is looking on the bright side. We committed her to have daily family prayer and scripture reading. We started right then! She called her two sons downstairs and we had a prayer with all of them! It changed the feeling in their house and the boys even noticed! Also a member invited Stephanie (on her own accord) to go with her tonight to watch "Meet the Mormons" since it is in Augusta for 5 days! woot! She is pretty excited! :)

Well I hear y'all are getting lots of snow! Thats pretty awesome! Its been getting really cold here too! But its just ice storms... we just have to be careful about where we park our car at our trailer since last winter a tree fell on the car! We live in the middle of the woods! Hope y'all are doing great! I love ya! Joshua 1:9 is one of my favorite scriptures! xoxoxo

~ Sister Willie

One Year mark! w/ Sis Porter & Elder Porchatis. We were in the MTC together! 

w/ all the sisters in my zone! 

Burning that skirt!!

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