Monday, November 10, 2014

Back in South Carolina!! :)

Welp Fam and Friends I am back in South Carolina, I didn't see this coming at all. I am serving farther up north than last time. I am in North Augusta with Sister MacDuff. She goes home after this transfer.... I really don't like killing peeps off, but she isn't truncky so thats awesome! She is from West Valley Utah, a few streets away from Keri and Matt. She says she is in a different stake tho. And we both went to USU! We even had a class together... but there was 500 students in it. We really live in a small world. lol.

Leaving Cochran as to have been the hardest thing I've done! I bawled! I feel like I left my heart there... I need it back so I can truly love NA too! Its tricky business, but I know that I will come to love this place! This area is pretty populated compared to my last two areas, but has the smallest ward out of all 3 of them. So there is a lot of work to be done here! I am excited to be here tho! It feels like BIG things are gonna happen! Sister MacDuff and I have a few themes for our transfer: #NAonFire #17miracles #SistersonFire Yup we have entered the hash-tag stage! lol :) 

We have been working with this Italian lady, Stephanie. She is going through a very messy divorce right now and has a lot of anger and resentment towards many people. We have listen to her vent and talked with her about repentance. She is very willing to listen, but when she starts feeling the spirit you can tell she feels uncomfortable. :(  I know the gospel will help her and it truly will change her life for the better. Its gonna be a long process, first she needs to have sorrow for her actions. Its been hard trying to know how best to help Stephanie out and know exactly what she needs. We are only two single girls who have never dealt with something like this at all! It is so amazing having the spirit tell us what she needs, because Heavenly Father knows what she needs. He loves us all very much and knows us so personally. It is so beautiful to be able to help some one realize this. I just love being a missionary!!! 

This past week we have been getting to know the area and work on maps and meeting members. The last sister didn't leave behind any good records so its been a struggle but it has helped Sister MacDuff and I bond a lot faster. :) We also have been setting exchanges up with the Sisters in the zone! I am way excited to be a STL! This is a great zone! 

Y'all should know that NA is like 10 degrees colder than Cochran! I have no idea how that works, but I've been freezing! Every morning its been 30 to 40 degrees and during the day it hasn't gotten above 70! Haha! I think Heavenly Father has a sense of humor, I wanted a cooler area during the summer and a warmer area during the winter. lol! Yesterday they had a record! It SNOWED!!!! Yup I am being honest! Apparently this is gonna be a very cold and strange winter here! 

Hope y'all are just doing fabulous?!! I found a new favorite scripture! 2 Nephi 9:49.... delighted = desire! It truly is our desire if we want to be righteous and follow our Savior! So beautiful!!! :) 

~ Sister Willie
 Sister Schmidt and I with our new comps! (Sis Smith & Sis MacDuff)

Driving to NA we stopped at a cotton field! (Me, S. MacDuff, S. Call & S. Porter)

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