Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A SUPER busy, but AMAZING week!!


This week was jammed packed and flew by SO fast! Not only did we have lessons and service, we helped with a funeral, had interviews with President, had ZTM and stake conference!

We are having great success with Cheryl! We had a super great lesson with her on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is starting to recognize the spirit more and more! She is a little skittish tho, so we are taking things slowly with her. She was at church for the first time this past Sunday!!! And it was stake conference and Elder Kopischke was there! He is a great speaker and Cheryl was excited to listen to a general authority. She enjoyed church and all that was said, but she was getting overwhelmed with all of the people there, so she was ready to book it out at the end. lol. But we have another appointment with her today and she loves when we come over! She is reading the BOM and has great questions! She is great and it is only a matter of time and love till she excepts this gospel! :)

ZTM was great! I love this zone and having so many mission buddies! I gave a training on charity and I feel like it went very well. I really enjoy learning more and more about charity! 1 Corinthians chapter 13 is all about charity and I also love Moroni 7:42-48! I just love the scriptures! The perfect example in our life for charity is Christ! And I know if we all can think of someone in our own lives who is a great example of charity to us. Just like I did with the missionaries in my zone, I would like to also invite all of you to pray to have more charity and to see others through our Heavenly Father's eyes. Even if you feel like you are good at charity, you can never have enough charity! For when you love others before yourself, you truly will be blessed. One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Peter 8:4 (look at footnote 'a') cause charity prevents a multitude of sins! wow!!!

Stake Conference was awesome! it was about ward council and how the entire ward can be involved. and on Sunday the theme was on testimony and conversion. My mission President was on the stand with his wife! I love them both so much! His testimony and the Colombia temple President's testimony touched me the most! :) I am super glad that President Cottle is my mission President! I feel very lucky indeed! :)

I love y'all very much! xoxoxo Keep praying for charity!

~ Sister Willie
 Southern Girls! :)

@ the Savannah river rapids!

Hanging with missionaries on P-day!

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