Monday, February 2, 2015

Peace and Hope!!

Dearest Family and Friends!

So this email will be short..... but we had miracles this week!

We spent time with Amelia and her family! We met her husband James and he is awesome! He was kinda in shock that there are "girl" missionaries! lol! But he asked us a few questions and relaxed around us. On Sunday Amelia and Peyton were at church again Amelia was feeling the spirit strongly and turned to us and said "I keep feeling like I need to get up and bear my testimony..." And she did! It was so beautiful and I am so proud of her! Plus it helped the ward know who she is! That evening Bishop called us and just thanked us for finding her, he said he had a good chat with her after and he was just glad that we found her. Super neat!

We saw Erin, a old media referral! She and her daughter Emily were excited to see us! woot! They are super busy but told us their schedules so we can try and catch them home! Erin is a good mom and we had a great talk about modesty. She is very good with helping Emily be modest, we are very impressed since that isn't something I have seen here in the South.. unless they are LDS.

We are continuing to help the Plochas! And Brother P.'s heart is softening! Us and the Elders went over and did service for them last week! That sure helped too! And We took them out on a "lunch date" last week! I just love them SO much! We asked Bro. P. What was his hold up from being baptized? He said it isn't just one thing, he cannot pinpoint it... We think he is just stubborn! lol Plus when he is ready be be baptized he will let us know. :)

Yesterday is Relief Society we had a great lesson on Hope and Peace! I loved it and it reminded me of some of my favorite scriptures! John 14:27 and 1 Corinthians 14:33! They bring me so much peace and comfort! I love y'all so much! Keep smiling and know your Heavenly Father love you! XOXOXO

~ Sister Willie
 Sometimes you find hidden treasures! :)

I just thought this sign was cool! lol ;)

 Coloring with Peyton!

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