Thursday, February 13, 2014

A week of many Promptings!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this past week has been wonderful. We have started teaching Byron. He is a really big black man. I thought he had to be a basketball player when he was younger, so I asked him. Found out that he used to be on Beufort's most wanted list and spent time in jail, so he did not. He has changed his life around a lot since getting out of jail (it was about 15 years ago) and he heard of the Book of Mormon while there. He really enjoyed going to the classes and he learned things about our church, but not a lot. He actually converted to Islam when he was in jail. We teach him at Miss. Mullen's house because he is her friend and it is safer for us anyways (We don't really want to drive all the way out to St. Helena and plus it is the Elders area.) When we met him, I kept getting this overwhelming feeling that we need to teach him! We are going to teach him! (Sister Pulsipher had the same feelings!) And then he started asking us questions and then he said he would like to be there when we come back! It was awesome!!! The spirit was so strong and Miss. Mullen bore her testimony to him! She knows the gospel is true, that the BOM is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet (she had struggled with that). It was so amazing and powerful! The only thing keeping her form getting baptized is leaving her church. She has been going there almost her whole life! So we have been having very good lessons with Miss. Mullen and Byron. 

We have started singing in all of our lessons! It has made a huge difference! We sing right before we pray and it brings the spirit in so strongly! Now many of our investigators request us to sing whenever they have friends over. lol :) We have been teaching many of the children "I am a child of God" and they love it! 

Jeannette and Jeanetta are doing pretty well. Our lessons are still going well and they both are reading the BOM very fast! We are still working on the baptism by the priesthood authority though. On Saturday we were visiting them and they had their cousin Coco over. After singing and praying we asked J & J what they had read in the BOM. I got the impression to ask Coco if she had ever heard of the BOM. OH boy had she ever! She started going off how she had and that it was the devil and that it was false and just nasty things about it and about the leaders of our church. WOW! I have never gotten angry so fast! How dare she say those untrue things about the BOM and priesthood leaders! I wanted to tell her that what she was saying was false and that she was wrong and not the smartest person.... but I held my tongue and listen to the spirit. When she started saying that the BOM doesn't talk about Christ I wanted to laugh! I then listen to the promptings of the spirit and asked Jeanette if I could see her BOM? She gave it to me and I said "that's funny. Have you never seen what it says on the cover?" and I showed her the cover and it says "Another testament of Jesus Christ" I then explained/bore my testimony to her about the BOM and it being all about Christ, She then scoffed and said "it is not the same Christ as the Bible!" HA! Little does she know! I had a firm reassurance from the spirit that she had no idea what she was talking about and to just leave her alone now, so I didn't say anything and that's when Sister Pulsipher bore a powerful testimony on the BOM! She also asked Jeannette if she is learning about Christ in the BOM. She very strongly said "Yes I have. It is all about him." Then we started getting into the lesson on Prophets and Coco got up and left. It turned out to be one of the best lessons we have had with them! :) I love being assertive and following the spirit! 

Also last night was the missionary fireside! It turned out very well! ......... But no investigators showed up. :( I was a little disappointed but I had the feeling that this was strengthening the ward members and getting them excited for missionary work. It was about hem and their needs. :) After we had many members come up and say they really enjoyed it and they were sad no investigators came but they still thought it was a success! :) Woot! Also my district sang 'behold a royal army' and we now have a senior couple! The Georges from Tulsa Oklahoma!  So that makes 8 missionaries in the Beaufort ward! 

Well I hope you all have a great week! Keep up the hard work and don't forget to smile! :) 

Luv ya!

P.S. next week is transfers! I will be getting a new comp because Sister Pulsipher is going home and I feel pretty sure I will be staying in Beaufort! (I hope so!) 

~ Sister Tara Willie

 With the Morgan Family!! They're awesome :)

Sister Pulsipher, Miss Mullen and I

All 8 Missionaries

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