Monday, February 24, 2014

New Transfer, New Companion and a New License Plate! ;)

Dearest Family and Friends!

I am still in beautiful Beaufort and now I am with Sister Clouse from Mesa Arizona! She is pretty awesome and full of life! The entire mission knows about her cause she is hard to forget. lol :) So I wasn't too sure what to expect, but she keeps you on your toes and is always laughing and smiling! We get along just great too! :) Also I am now the driver!!! It's been fun driving a car after 3 months of being the passenger. I am surprised and happy to see how well I know the area without GPS! :) But I may have gotten us lost a few times.... it’s been a great adventure though! Plus we have found areas I didn't know existed, so we have more tracking areas! WOOT WOOT!

We are slowly moving along with Jeanette still. On Saturday we did yard work for her and the Elders came and helped us. It was a lot of fun and it helped soften her heart and also Jeanetta's and Coco's hearts too. :) (Even though Coco tried to flirt with the Elders... it was pretty funny to watch to be honest. She 'tried' to sing to them....! lol) Jeanette's yard is pretty big so we only did half of it, but we are going back to finish it this week I believe. We have realized that Jeanette doesn't comprehend the BOM so we have been focusing on reading and discussing it with her, hoping this will help her testimony grow and will lead her to Baptism! We are also going to watch the Restoration with her... I am excited!!! 

This past week has been TONS of tracking! I LOVE tracking with sister Clouse! She makes it so fun and almost like a game! lol! We are constantly laughing! :) One day we were getting a lot of doors slammed in our faces and peeps weren't nice at all! But on the last door we met Chris. He just moved from Wisconsin and is a stanch Catholic, but very nice. He invited us in but since he is single we sat on his back patio. He has 2 or 3 PHD's in Theology and has studied at the Vatican. So he is well educated and has even studied the BOM for a bit. He isn't too open to hearing our message just yet, he actually just wanted to have a heated debate/discussion but since we didn't want to get to that point we didn't. He asked us to come back and asked that we come back to have an in depth discussion. We told him we would try... we will see where this will go. :) At one point in the conversation he asked me "So why are you not Catholic?" I almost started laughing because I didn’t see that type of question coming. I talked a little about what I had learned from my History classes on Catholicism but I mostly bore my testimony of why I knew this Church was true and why I have made the decision to follow it. Every time he tried to get into the 'debate' we just shot him down with something spiritual or our testimonies, it was awesome! :) 

I hope all is going well for you back home! I hope the weather is warming up! It sure is here! It's been in the 60's and 70's this past week! Today we are all going to the Beach!!! Sister Earl is taking all the Missionaries to Hunting Island!!!! We may be just a tad excited! ;) Love you all! 


~ Sister Tara Willie

 Sister comp for a few days last week! I LOVE her!! :)

 Sister Clouse and I!

Wood's Bridge....used in Forrest Gump!!

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