Thursday, February 20, 2014

Into A New Transfer

Dear Family and Friends! 

Sister Pulsipher is going home today :( so if am in Statesboro GA till Tuesday once I get me new companion in Macon. Then it is back to Beaufort! I really love Beaufort and I am so glad that I am staying. 

We have so many lessons this past week! We taught Jeanette and Jeanetta three times! Jeanette is doing great! When we taught her about the WOW and the Law of Chasity she was so funny! She was like "WHAAAAT!?!? I got to give up my sweet tea and now my men too?!?" haha! But she committed and is staying strong because she wants to receive those blessings. She really liked learning about the Temple and would love to go there one day! Hopefully her heart will be soften enough so she will accept baptism by the proper authority. :) Remember Coco? Well she has been there whenever we teach but hides from us. Until we started talking about the Law of Chasity. She came out and stated agreeing with us and really liked the idea of having respect from men when you respect yourself. Since then she has been very nice to us and her while demeanor changed! We found out that 3 years ago she was being taught by Elders and when she was ready to be baptized she couldn't because she wasn't keeping commitments, so she got offended and that is how she became anti. But by showing her love and that she can make a better life for herself, her heart has softened. :) This Gospel can do anything! 

We met this girl named Tyler and she wants to get baptized! woot! She is working on quitting smoking and she choose March 15 to be baptized! We are very excite for her and are working with her to help her stop!  :)

I have had a wonderful experience this past week where I have been an answer to someone’s prayers/questions. A member told us her amazing conversion story and how it took over 10 years for her husband to agree to let her join. She is so incredible and I love her very much! :)  She has always wondered how do we give God 100%. When she started asking us this I had a stream of thoughts and personal experiences come into my head and I felt like I needed to share them with her... so of course I shared them with her cause that is what the spirit is telling me to do. :) I told her about making our will, God's will. And how it is a choice of our agency to do that and by doing that it makes us more free and happy. I than told her the WHOLE story about how and why I chose to serve a mission. She was deeply touched and so excited to learn more! :) She told me that in 40 years no one has been able to answer her question. I felt deeply honored and blessed to be the one who was able to. (through the spirit though!)

Well I hope you are all doing great and always smiling! :) I love you lots! :)

~ Sister Tara Willie

 We heart attacked the Elders apartment on Valentine's Day!!

 Bundled up and pretending to climb the White's shrimp boat (we cannot be on boats) :)

Last pic with Sister Pulsipher! I'm going to miss her! We worked really hard these last few weeks! :)

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