Monday, May 5, 2014

Super heroes, Horse crabs, Police reports, Drill Instructors and a Baptism!

Dear Family and Friends!

This past week is kind of a blur..... Good thing I write in my Journal every night and take lots of pics so I can remember what happened! Lol :) 

Last Sunday Sister Clouse and I found a dead horseshoe crab on Parris Island beach! Of course we took it home and decided we would leave it on the George's (senior couple) porch! Well the Elders found it and placed it on ours so we would find it that morning! The 'prank' began! The next two days it was placed on each others door steps, cars and eventually hanging in front of their door! (yep we won!) ;) The crab STANK way bad too! haha! It was pretty funny! :) 

Tuesday we went and Saw Miss Mullen, things have slowed down again with her. :( But she is still learning and loves us! Every time I pray to know if we should drop her I get the feeling she needs more time and to not give up on her! When we were almost done with our lesson a big hollering commotion took place outside and the cops showed up! It was kinda funny to cause when they showed up everyone pretty much scattered! So it was just two guys, the cops and the sister missionaries! lol! They were very nice though and all we had to do was fill out a police report saying what we saw. 

This last week we found a less active out in the 'boonies'! Tanisha is so awesome! She is very sweet and is a great mom to her 5 kids. She has a little testimony and really liked the church when she was baptized 4 years ago. We are helping her strengthen her testimony and come back to church! The best part is she doesn't work on Sundays!!! She has a good work ethic too and doesn't expect any help from the church (so her intent is real)! I really like her and love the spirit about her too! :) 

Parris Island has to be one of my favorite parts of being in Beaufort!!! The female recruits out numbered the males again this week! and 11 of them were nonmembers! Two of the members are doing great missionary work! I really love all these girls! They are so much fun to teach and they have great questions, like: How can I get baptized? or What was Joseph Smith's role in the Church? Many of them are sincerely interested! After the services, Recruits Tiara Young was BAPTIZED!!! She was so excited and nervous! Everyone was so happy for her too! :) She was beaming once she came out of the water and received the Holy Ghost! It was also the fastest baptism service I have ever seen! We were done in 5 minutes! But it was still beautiful and spiritual! :) 

I love you all and hope you are having a great week! Keep working hard at spreading the Gospel and being righteous examples to those around you!!! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

With the drill instructor.... normally we wouldn't be smiling. 

Super Heroes with the Thompson boys! :)  


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