Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another week has past.... and i cannot think of anything cool... ;)

Dear Family and Friends!

Congrats to Kayanne and Joey on their marriage last Saturday! I am very happy for them! I have seen a few pictures and they look very happy! 

Tuesday evening Sister Clouse and I went with our ward mission leader, Brother Frank to a religious conference here in Beaufort. It was pretty cool and we may have been the youngest ones there by at least 15 years. ;) Many of the people were impressed and enjoyed hearing more about what we do. Most of them knew about the Elders but had no idea about the Sisters. Other religious leaders said the prayers... and they were pre-written!? 

Last Saturday we did a Zone Blitz in the Hilton Head ward. All the missionaries in my zone got together with members so we could find many less-actives on their list. It was a great success and lots of fun to go on splits with the members. I was with Sister Morgan (the relief society pres. in Beaufort) and we had fun talking with people who were very anti! One lady screamed at us and told us to go away, that she wants nothing to do with the church! All this was before we even walk onto her property and said something! lol! We calmly explained why we were there and she calmed down and we could feel her heart softening towards us. It was incredible to see her change. :) 

Later that afternoon the English Elders had a baptism. Betty is 65 and awesome! She was so excited to have her sins washed away! Once she came out of the water the look on her face was pure peace and then she started crying because she was so happy! It was very spiritual and beautiful to witness that. :)  I love seeing peoples hearts change for the better, it makes the hard days (almost) worth it. 

Yesterday we got to go to Parris Island services again! Woot woot! (It’s so awesome!) There was 15 female recruits and 12 Male recruits... a new record for the girls! They have never beaten the boys before! ;) Of that 15 only 5 of them were members, the girls are good at bring their friends! So our class was huge! One of the 'older' recruits wants to be baptized! She is so ready and will be getting baptized next Sunday!!! Many of the others girls want to keep coming back and they tell us how much they love it! I just love these girls! They are so great! :) 

Mother’s Day is coming up in 2 weeks! and then transfers are right behind it! I hope you are all doing well and working hard! Thanks for your prayers on my behalf, they are much appreciated! Love ya lots! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

We saw a GATOR!!!  

With Sister Morgan on splits!  

With most of the Female recruits!!

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