Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Trinity.......What A Strange Belief!!

Hey y'all!!!

I am emailing today (Tuesday) since everything was closed yesterday... since it being Memorial Day. 

Well this past week flew by way fast! We are super busy and most of the days mesh together. But overall it was a good week! We learned about how the trinity works (so confusing!), met some gangstas, learned a new dance called the Na-Na, ate some real southern cooking' and learned a lot about the war chapters in the BOM! 

Remember Ken? The guy we met at DQ? Well lunch with him was interesting. He really is worried for our souls! He asked us a few questions but he mostly tried to 'convert' us to believing in the trinity. He really has potential though! I can feel it and so can Sister Abad! We discussed many different places in the Bible where it talks about the God head being one and where it shows they are separate. It is SUPER hard to explain how the God head is separate when they interpenetrate scriptures differently than we do! lol! (Oh the joys of being a missionary!) We ended on a good note and he asked us to come to dinner the next week with his family. We both felt like that would be ok. We are not sure how much he is getting out of us, but he did promise us that we could do more of the talking this next time. :)

Britney is still doing great! She is a rock star! She is so excited for her baptism and can't wait to be sealed with her family! She is such an example to us and her family! I just know Glen (her husband) will follow her and be baptized soon after! Then they can go to the Temple! She wants to take a road trip and be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple! She is so cute! I just love her and her family! We taught her about family history work and she got even more excited about the Temples! She also carries her BOM with her everywhere! (To bad not all 'gators' can be like her!) 

My studies last week have been incredible! Personal study time is one of my favorites! Coming to Cochran has opened me up to deeper doctrine, mostly because some members here enjoy studying it and like to share with the missionaries. I have learned on a deeper level about the Atonement! So amazing and exciting! Also about the second coming and resurrection! But one of my favorite talks that we listen to was by John Bytheway, on the war chapters in the BOM! (y'all should look it up!) Sister Abad and I are both "in love" with Captain Moroni! ;) I love when the scriptures come to life! 

Well I hope you are all doing well! Much love and appreciation! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

With a members GIANT dog! (The pic doesn't do it justice!)  

Baby Bunnies!!! (As S. Abad says "I want to squish them!") lol  

My district... apologizes for the bad pic, but the Elders didn't want to take another one since they were hungry

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