Monday, May 12, 2014

Cockroaches! .....Oh and I am getting Transferred!?!!?!

Dearest family and friends!

So since I talked with many of you yesterday I will be making this a short email... plus I still need to pack and clean before tomorrow! 

Last week was super HOT! It’s been up in the 90's and we are low on miles... so we've been walking and getting real sweaty! But its lead to some fun experiences. Like talking to drunken men or meeting peeps who think they need to save us. lol! Or meeting less actives because they feel sorry for us so they give us a ride. ;) I hear its super cold back in Utah. :( That stinks! 

Yesterday at the Parris Island Sunday services I was called upon to speak in sacrament 5 minutes before it started! So I prayed and I felt like I was supposed to talk about my wonderful mother and the mothers in the BOM! It went very well if I do say so myself! ;) It was very hard to say goodbye to the female recruits. :( I am going to miss them! But I am thankful to know that I have made so many new friends out here! 

As the caption says I am being transferred... but I won’t find out till tomorrow. Yesterday was my goodbye to the ward and to the recruits. It was hard! Beaufort has become to feel like home! I love it here and all the people that I have met. Many missionaries have said it was harder to leave their first area than home... I wouldn't say it’s harder but it’s still hard. But at the same time I am excited to go someplace new! 

I cannot really think what else to say since I told most of it yesterday... yep. ;) lol. I love you all and I am so glad I got to talk to many of you yesterday! Happy (late) mother’s day to all of you mothers! Past, present and future! I hope you are all doing well! Much love and prayers! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

Last pic with my District! 

The sisters in my Zone :) #savannaheastzone 

Goodbye Beaufort! I'm going to miss you :( 

Come unto Jesus! :) 

The female recruits! I just love them :)

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