Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"First I Obey, Then I Understand." ~ Marjorie Hinckley

Hey y'all! The weeks are flying by! Yesterday was my 8 month mark.... ya ummm I really don't feel like I've been a missionary this long. lol I still feel like I am "new" in a sense. But it has been a great 8 months so far! Lots of learning, growth and miracles! 

Last week was great! We had lots of miracles! I think I have mentioned Debbie before? She was baptized in January and used to be a Jehovah Witness. All this time she has struggled with certain questions and understanding. She was having a hard time with Jesus Christ being called Jehovah and not knowing God's name. When we were visiting with her last week we had this conversation (again) and she told us that she feels like to have a personal relationship with someone you need to know their name. But the good news was that she finally accepts and knows for herself that Jesus Christ is truly Jehovah! As we were talking with her I had so many thoughts and impressions come to mind. I decided to ask her a question and see if she could "teach" herself, just like Christ does in the New Testament. :) I asked her "if this was imperative to her salvation?" She paused and then said "I cannot answer that right now." Then she paused for about a minute and then started talking and answering her own question! It was awesome to witness! I felt like I needed to say one more thing. So I said "you may know two Johns. One can be mean and the other can be the sweetest person you know. Does the name make them who they are?" She then realized that knowing His name doesn't show us who God is and it doesn't bring us closer to Him. But we need to understand his personality and how much He truly cares for us as individuals. She told us how she no longer needs to know, her question had been answered! Woot woot! Sis Abad said that Debbie has been having this question since January! I love being a vessel for him and helping other people come closer to Him!!! :)

Another miracle was the two different times we taught Glen. The first we were talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy and not working. He works every Sunday and rarely can make it to church. I felt like I needed to encourage him to find a new job and promise him blessings... ya I was pretty scared to tell him that! But I took courage and did it! He was open to it, but isn't 100% ready to make that commitment. The second visit was a lot more intense! We talked about Temples and Forever Families. Brittney can go to the Temple in a year, but not with Glen. So he feels like he is holding her back, etc. Lots of fear with being left behind, but he can make the decision to be baptized... he is just a slow mover. He told us that he knows this church is true because of how it has changed Brittney and his family. But he isn't converted fully yet. He wants to know everything before making a decision. The coolest thing was when I felt like using Debbie as an example and how she still had questions when she was baptized. He connected with that and it helped because he knows her. We asked him to pray for a date, he was hesitant and scared. He asked for one week to receive an answer. so we will see what happens! Keep him in your prayers please! I love being bold when the spirit prompts me to! Even though it is a bit scary. :) 

Well I hope y'all are doing great! Keep smiling and remember God loves you! XOXO

~Sister Tara Willie

With the Sisters after ZTM! 

We got caught in a down pour! And we were soaking wet!  

Sister Abad and I have an "inside" joke about Superman with the Elders... :)

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