Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Am Happy!! :)

Hey y'all!!!

Last week we were so busy! I learned how to 'dougie' at Brittney's.... and it was there that I was told that I dance like I am white... lol! But they promised me that they will teach me how to 'gangsta' dance or I should not ever dance again. ;)  We had FHE with them and it was a great experience! We taught out of For the strength of youth pamphlet on families and friends. Brittney, Glen their two oldest: Shon (11), Beanie (9) and two friends: Niah (11) and Zario (7) where there. They loved it! Beanie is such a great little missionary! She is reading the BOM with her friends and now they want their own! Hopefully we can get their parents permission to teach them, but for the time being we will teach them whenever they are at Brittney's house! Glen really enjoyed FHE, his heart is truly softening and he loves when we come over! Tonight we will be having FHE with them again but Brittney is teaching! She is so excited! Plus we are in charge of the game! :)

Nikki is still as busy as every but we saw her and taught her the word of wisdom. She understood it but she questioned coffee and tea (which is normal) but the funny thing is she doesn't drink coffee or tea... lol but she said she would try living the WOW for a week to see how it blesses her life. She didn't make it to church either. :(  We are trying to get members to go with us to teach her! Hopefully that will help her! :) 

I had a neat experience last week. We had stopped by to see Miss. Doris and her grandchildren. They were playing outside so we had a nice conversation with her. We talked about Joseph Smith and how she doesn't agree that he would be the only one to see God or receive the priesthood, because what about all of the slaves, they couldn't have heard about this message in this life. I felt prompted to explain family history work and baptisms for the dead. She grasped a greater understanding and I saw a light go on in her head! Woot! She has been at a stand still in learning more for over 3 months, so hopefully this has helped her to start progressing again! 

Yesterday in sacrament meeting Our high councilor was speaking on being happy and responding to "how are you doing?" with "I am happy" it was pretty inspiring and I am gonna try it out! :)  There was plenty of time left over, so Bishop Thompson got up and said he had felt prompted to invite people up to bear his testimony... first he called on Sister Willie (me). As I walked up to the pulpit my mind was blank, nothing was coming to my mind and I had no idea what to say. I did what I do best, smile REAL big! I looked out in the congregation and said "Well hi everyone!" And once I said those words the thoughts started flooding in! It was incredible! I don't remember half of what I said, but I do remember saying things that I had never thought about before. As I was speaking I wasn't sure if the things I was saying made sense or flowed very well. Once I finished and sat down Sister Abad turned to me and said "Wow Sister! That was incredible! How come you didn't share those things with me before?" I told her that it all came from Heavenly Father, I just opened my mouth and he filled it. :) It was incredible experience! After me Bishop called Brother Glen Arnold up to the stand, he started out with thanking me for my testimony and then went on telling everyone about his first time meeting me. He had asked me if I was related to the Willie handcart company? I told him yes, the captain is my ancestor. He and half of the congregation finds it so neat! Then he slightly turns towards Bishop and says "I know we all would love to hear more about her ancestors, so there you go Bishop I found someone to give us a talk soon." lol the whole congregation was laughing. :) (Because they aren't the ones who have to give the talk. lol) But it was funny and Bishop did come up to me after and said I might have to give a talk... lol. Actually a lot of members came up to me after words because they found it very interesting about my ancestors or they loved my testimony or both! :) Over all it was a great sacrament meeting!

I hope y'all are doing great! I love you very much and pray for you daily! :) I invite y'all to pray for a missionary experience and the to act on your promptings, because if you do you will be so happy and your testimony will be greatly strengthen! Much love! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

 No words can express this.....

With Beanie and her friends after they taught us how to 'dougie' 

A sweet member bought us Korean food!!! I love the yogurt drink a lot! :)

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