Monday, July 28, 2014

Zone Conference!!

Hey Y'all!!!

This past week was zone conference! I love my zone! It was probably the most entertaining ZC I've been to. President Cottle was talking about how we have weird companions and they can get annoyed over the silliest little things... like having the toilet paper roll on backwards or singing in the shower. Sister Cottle apparently does those things cause President was making themselves as examples... I don't know think she thought it was terrible funny, but all of us missionaries were laughing. I love my Mission President and his wife. :) The Ap's put us into 4 different groups and we had to draw a story from the scriptures and then everyone had to guess. It went along with role playing and how to study as a companionship better. 

We saw Nikki!!! She is back from vacation and is very excited to keep learning! We talked with her about what she has already learned and helped her answer her own questions. She just needs to come to church! She is always gone during the weekends. Thank goodness school starts again on August 7th down here, people will be staying put! So much easier to teach and find people during the school year. 

I spoke in sacrament yesterday. Apparently having the last name 'Willie' makes you an expert on pioneers. Its a good thing that I love history and know a lot about my ancestors! I spoke on pioneers, in the past and present. Majority of the people down here don't have ancestors who crossed the plains, so they find it fascinating to hear of their stories. Yesterday after church many people asked that our spiritual thought be a story of my ancestors. It was pretty neat to share something that I personally love. :) 

We are reteaching 3 in-actives! They are great and two of them are really progressing! Janean's husband is not a member, but he sits in with us and tells us that he likes to rock the boat when he goes to different churches. lol I told him he should definitely come to ours and rock the boat there, cause you learn by asking questions. Hopefully one day! :) Janean doesn't really remember that much from when she was taught back in the 70's. But she is drinking it all in and is loving the BOM!!! I love watching others testimonies grow!  

Funny story.... well I hope so. So yesterday we were driving farther out of town visiting potentials when all of a sudden this little ditch jumped right in front of us and ripped our front bumper! (true story!) Well thank goodness it wasn't as bad as we thought. The Elders came and helped us. We just have to take the car into the shop. :( But the car is still drive-able! We just had to tie the bumper up somehow and luckily the Behrends lived close! So they came and helped us out with it. And it was the middle of the day and VERY hot! So yes beware of those little hidden ditches that like to jump right in front of you!  

Hope all is going well! I love you all very much and keep sharing the good news!!!

~ Sister Tara Willie

 The Behrends gave us giant otter pops to help cool us down! 

 Awesome storm that hit us! Beautiful southern Georgia! 

 With the Turner family! They are crazy, but I just love them! :)

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