Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Miracles and Transfers!

And here is this weeks letter!!

Hey Y'all! 

Life is great and relatively cool for the summer!!! :D Everyone is saying that it feels like October in August! Last week went by crazy fast! We had so many miracles and tomorrow is transfers. :( The good news is I am staying in Cochran!!!! Woot! Woot! But Sister Abad is leaving me. :( 

For the past month its been really hard to catch Cyrus. But this last week we saw him twice! We were able to put him on date too! He is ready for this, just needs to make more time for the gospel in his busy schedule. He is in the National Guard and now has to go to training twice a month instead of once a month. He is also a state trooper... so it truly is always a miracle when we get to see him!

Nikki is doing great! We also met with her twice last week. She is starting to get cold feet. :( But we explained to her the importance of church... again. She promised she would be at church but she ended up not coming. So sad! She really needs to come.. dang people's agency! ;) But she did give us a referral to her friend who just lost her 4 year old daughter on July 4th. We met Tonya on Saturday and it was amazing! When she let us in she wasn't smiling or really showing any emotion. She just seemed to be there and not feeling anything. :( After talking with her about how families can be together forever her face started lighting up and at the end of our lesson she was smiling and told us how much she loved us! I just love seeing how much joy this gospel brings into people's lives! Including mine! :)  She is way excited to see us again this week! We hope to involve her husband and 4 other children! 

Funny experience happened when we visited Tariaya and Keikei's! They had 3 cousins over abs one of the must have been high or drunk! Man was he funny! He danced the chicken dance for us and then we all ended up doing the 'dougie' but I really can't dance. haha! I love teaching people, not lessons. We make them feel comfortable and then they are more willing to listen to us! :) The girls were at church yesterday tho! Yippie! They have been struggling since they were baptized in May. :( But we keep showing love and support! Whats the point of having baptisms if they end up falling away? That is why members and missionaries need to work closely together. Members are they key to keeping the new converts strong and active! We are all in this together! :) 

I love y'all very much and hope y'all are helping the missionaries out where ever you are! Keep being a beacon of light to those around you! XOXOXO 

~ Sister Tara Willie 
 Fishing with the Elders!

 Doing the "knat" dance! lol! Everyone here is doing it! (seriously they are annoying!)

The Cochran missionaries! Sisters Abad and Willie, Elders Franchina and Greene

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