Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Apparently you can be baptized in your bathtub... #falsedoctrine

This letter was from July 21st, I never received the email. Here it is now.

Greetings y'all!!! 

This past week was a hard week, but we still had a lot of success! I feel like I am gonna blame the weather for this past week... ya the rain made it so no one was home and majority of our appointments were dropped. But hey I am not complaining about how cool it is! They say this is a cold summer!!! Hallelujah! Heavenly Father loves me and knows I don't like the heat! :) Some mornings we wake up and it is still in the 70's! I really hope it stays like this for the whole summer... Hey I can dream! 

We have had a less active keep coming to our mind so we visited her WAY out in the boonies! She told us that she has been thinking of us a lot lately and asked us some questions! She was baptized in the 70's as a teen and hasn't been to church since 1983! She really didn't know anything about the church and is now ready to learn some more! She is super dedicated to having us come once a week and reteach her the lessons and help her make friends in the ward! (no one here knows her cause she is from Michigan.) It was incredible to see her bring up the gospel herself since we have visited her a few times before hand. I am way excited for her to change her life around and get back on track! :) 

I went on exchanges this week with the STL's and I got to go to Dublin with Sister Owusu!!!! (my MTC comp!) We really had so much fun together! It was really cool seeing how much we have grown these past 8 months, we laughed a good bit at how we "thought" mission life was "suppose" to be. We worked hard together and were able to help their investigators progress! Funny story: They live in apartments and their neighbor doesn't like any noise... so when I was taking a shower there was "BANG, BANG, BANG" on the wall! She was screaming up a storm! (Apparently she didn't like my singing... hehe!) I just love Sister Owusu and hopefully we can be "real" companions one day! :)

We had a very interesting lesson last week with Miss Sheila. She has had all the lessons before, been taught by at lease 8 sets of missionaries and was even ready to be baptized but backed out during her interview. She hasn't met with missionaries until we were given her as a referral. It's taken us a bit to be able to teach her but last week we finally were able to! We started with the restoration to re-jog her memory. Well she really doesn't remember much of it. Some how she got off topic and started telling us that one evening a few years ago she was taking a bath and felt the spirit of Jesus come upon her and he baptized her right there and she went underwater.... Lol! Wow! Yea Sister Abad and I were speechless.... I started talking about the priesthood to help her understand but she really can't comprehend much of anything. Needless to say we are struggling with teaching her. lol!

We had great success with Glen tho!!!! We taught him about obedience. I had this thought to read him the 12th article of faith but Sister Abad had the better idea to give him a card with them on it! He went through them by himself and started asking a few questions and for all 13 he said he agreed with them and then he said that he wished he had received this card when he first had heard about the church 6 years ago cause he believes things would be different now... like he would be baptized. wow! We started talking about how God has timing for everything and then it came out that Brittney needed to join the church first... it was super cool! He told us he has been praying to be open to ask for a date and after our lesson he is ready to start asking! See that was his answer! The articles of faith card! :) He is so ready to be baptized and Brittney can't wait to go to the temple with her family! :) 

I hope y'all are doing great! Keep smiling and remember to always bear your testimony! Much love from the deep south! XOXO

~ Sister Tara Willie

 He became my lil' buddie! :)

 With Sis. Owusu and these adorable kids (Eli and Grace) in Dublin!

After exchanges (Sisters W, O, Ellison and A)

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