Monday, August 18, 2014

Shaking hands with an Apostle!!

Dearest Family and Friends!

Wow what a week! So many miracles, adventures, meetings and spiritual moments! 

First off we had a silly miracle! So we were driving back from Macon after ZTM (its an hour drive) and guess who forgot to fill the car up with gas? Yep that would be me! lol I totally spaced it and we were driving in the country, so no gas stations. Well after going 20 miles or so with the car saying '0 miles till empty' we finally saw a gas station! And thank goodness too cause it was shaking! So we are calling this one a miracle with adventure! ;) 

Another amazing miracle was when we went to visit Debbie and her family! Bethany, who is 16 recently moved back with her mom and isn't a member, but every time we go over she talks with us and shows great interest. She is adorable! Tuesday night we followed the spirit and had her mom 'teach' us the plan of salvation using the awesome wooden puzzle mommy gave me! Bethany was very intrigued and asked a lot of good questions. We asked her how she felt about her mom's new religion and she told us she doesn't really know that much and right then and there I felt the spirit tell me to ask her if she would like to learn from us! And she said YES!  So we started teaching her this last week and it went great! She is awesome and even prayed for us! 

This past weekend we went to Douglas Georgia and were in a mission choir that sang for Elder Dallin H Oaks of the quorum of the 12 apostles! He is so amazing and happy and full of love and light! He truly is a servant of the Lord and the love and light that radiates off of him is incredible! He shook my hand 4 different times through out the 2 days! He also was very personable and asked me questions about myself and he even put his arm around me as we talked! It was such a neat experience! When he was going around and shaking everyone's hands Sister Schmidt shared a scripture with me: 3 Nephi 11:15, that is comparable to what the Savior would be doing if he had been there. He talked about how this is a gospel of action! We are all serving and spreading the word. We are not here just to have a punch card saying we went to church, payed tithing, etc. He also talked about there being two lines of revelation. One is the priesthood line. it comes down from the Prophet and Apostles while the other one is personal revelation! Super neat!

I love you all very much! DO something this week! Show the Lord you are acting! XOXOXO 

~ Sister Tara Willie

With Bethany and Debbie! 

 With all the sister driving to sing for Elder Oaks!

  With Sister Owusu, Ellison and Schmidt! I just love them all to pieces!!! 

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