Monday, September 29, 2014

Scuppernongs.... the 'g' is silent :)

What up my peeps?!!?! 
This past week has been GREAT!!! I hope it has been great for y'all?! We has many adventures, blessings and miracles! I have been reading the New Testament along with the Book of Mormon and I am absolutely loving it! This morning I was reading Matthew 14, this is where the Savior walks on water. Peter comes out and he also walks on water.... A miracle! But then his faith falters and he starts to sink. Then at the end of the chapter it briefly talks about a group of people that want to be healed and they know they will be be healed if they only touch the hem of the Saviors garment! When we have faith, this is when the miracles occur! They happen on a daily bases, all you have to do it have faith and watch for them, you might just be surprised in how many occurs in your own home! :) 

This past week we have been doing a lot of walking since we are very low on miles! I am loving it! The weather has also cooled down to the low 80's and 70's! So it has been just happy happy! :D One day when we were walking, a older man came out of his house and called us over. He asked to hear the good word. Then he pulled 3 chairs from all around his yard. (His house and yard are covered in furniture and odds and ends! But it is all neatly organized... so it is a organized junk pile!) We sat down and talked with him. His name is Willie-James and we think he might be a little crazy. It was super funny. We shared about Joseph Smith's vision in the grove and before we could finish he said "And do you know what happen to that little boy? Well he wasn't very nice to his mamma so he got whooped! But then he repented and turned towards God. Now he is at church every Sunday..." haha! So sweet! Sister Schmidt and I were literally biting our tongues from laughing! We talked with him a little bit more before we said goodbye. As we were almost out of his sight he hollered back at us and said he needed to give us something. We hesitated and he was very insistent, we went back and he was digging around his junk. He came back with the handle of a shovel... a stick! lol! He told us that there are mean dogs running around and they will bite us! He wanted to make sure we had protection. Super sweet of him! So now you can picture two sister missionaries walking around with a stick! lol! We thought it was hilarious, so we kept the stick. And the Elders are even jealous of our stick! ;) 

The Women's Conference was incredible! We had 4 investigators come!!! And my recent convert came too! I loved that they talked so much about the temples! This helped get our investigators and RC's excited! It is nice when someone else talks about what you have already talked about , cause then they see it in a whole new light... almost like they GET it! haha! The spirit was strong and it was wonderful to have this sisterhood wrap their arms around out gators! I love Relief Society! It is truly inspired by God and it works in harmony with the priesthood! And for those of you who watched it did you notice Sister Marriott's accent?! Yup she is from the south! Ahh... I just love it here! :D 

And I bet y'all are wondering what scuppernongs are?! Ya I was curious myself when a member asked us to try them! They aren't to bad either. They are a type of fruit that looks sorta like a grape. But you spit out the hull and the seeds. They are messy and take way to much time to eat! 

Remember to constantly fill your own lamp with oil by reading your scriptures daily! Your day is truly better and more at peace when you do this! I love y'all very much! Fall is here!!! XOXOXO

~ Sister Tara Willie
 This is what happens from walking all OVER the place!

Found this beautiful spot while walking! #beautifulgeorgia 

With Mr. Willie-James! haha!

The elders found this adorable kitten! We all fell in love with her, a member "adopted" her!

Sister Behrends taught us how to crochet! We are just goofs! :) 

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