Friday, December 5, 2014

Miracles bring couches!

Hey Y'all!!! 
Hope ya had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Cause I did! We were thoroughly stuffed! The Dunagans fed us and we met their extended family who are all non members! We  enjoyed talking about missionary work and He is the Gift video, which we showed them. We also ate at a recent converts house, Sharon! Very sweet of her to feed us even tho she is struggling financially. 
So awesome miracles! Our trailer doesn't have much in the way of furniture and I really missed sitting on a couch, I was tires of a chair that has wheels! lol. So I told my comp that we should ask the members and see if they know of a cheap one at a yard sale or something like that. Well my comp really didn't care if we got one cause she is going home at the end of this transfer so it was all up to me. I asked some members they said they would look around but they didn't find anything. Well my comp jokingly told me to pray about it, so in our next companion prayer I prayed for a couch! haha! She just shook her head at me. Well the very next day we had dinner at a members (they didn't know we wanted a couch)  house and they asked us if we knew anyone who needed a couch?! Umm We do!!! Prayers were answered within 24 hours! :) lol Yup Heavenly Father really does care about the 'silly' things! :) 
Jessica is getting baptized this Saturday!!! She had her baptism interview and is all set! We are all excited! 
Terry... She is struggling with quitting smoking and her desire/motivation is very little. Well Sister M and I have decided the best way to help her and show her we care about her is by giving something up. We both are going without SUGAR! Yup no sugar and it is over the holidays! Thanksgiving day was g=hard! I really wanted a lemon bar! lol ;) We told her about it on Tuesday and she was touched. The next time we saw her, her motivation was a lot stronger! Woot woot! So little by little she is coming along. 
And of course Stephanie, Well last week we saw her 4 times and man she has had a complete turn around from Monday to Sunday! She went from having no hope and being upset to having hope and peace that God will take care of everything! That is the first time in 5 weeks she has said anything like that! Last night we were not planning on seeing her but she texted us asking us to come over and pray with her! Not only did we pray with her but she said the prayer and her boys had been asking about us and wanted us to come over! Also she asked us to read the BOM with her! WAHOO!!! Thank y'all for adding her to your prayers! Hopefully it is a continual upward and onward climb!   :)
Yesterday was just a good day! We had many miracles, but another one was when we went to meet this part member family. They've been on our list of peeps to see but we've never had time or something else came up, so meeting the Haucks happened at just the right time! They are a young family and she is the member. Her husband wasn't home, so we got to know her. She is super cute and very friendly! She is from Oklahoma and her father is dying from cancer... he lives in Lindsey OK and is pretty active. She told us that she feels like it is time for her to come back to church. She said she knows Heavenly Father sent us now cause being surrounded by a church family will help her at this time. They just moved here in March. She is leaving this week to say goodbye to her father. She is gonna be ok, I can just feel it. :) 
Welp it is December! I can't believe how fast this year went! Keep looking for missionary opportunities! Or better yet! Pray to have them! Love y'all! xoxoxo

~ Sister Willie

 South Carolina pride!

 The ZL's & STL's... L is for leader.... ;)

With Sharon after getting stuffed!

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