Saturday, December 13, 2014

Exchanges, Birthday and a Baptism!!!!

Hey Y'all!! 

This past week flew by super fast! Transfers are tomorrow and I am staying here in NA and still STL! I also "killed" off my comp, as of today she is flying home. 

This past week I went on exchanges with Sister Cano! She is a Salt Lake Temple Square missionary from Peru. She is her for 2 transfers! I just love her!! We work so well together and were on fire in our teaching! We taught Cheryl about the restoration and how the BOM came to be! She is reading the BOM and is almost in 2 Nephi! She is enjoying it and asked how she can get answers to her doubts! Great question! So we talked to her that having doubts is ok and that it is how she handles them is what makes a difference. We talked about Joseph Smith and the answer to his 'doubts'/questions. She is a lot more comfortable now with praying to receive an answer! i love her so much!! We also taught Terry and Sister Cano laid  down the LAW!!! It was epic! She asked Terry why missionaries come to her house? What is our purpose and what we can do to help her progress? She wasn't to sure except that we help her get closer to God. Well we told her that we are here for that but we can only help her as much as she is willing to receive that help. Then we talked about what she needs to do to truly quit smoking. She just wanted to go all cold turkey. So we helped her with her plan and Sister Cano helped work miracles! Cause two days later we visited Terry and she had stopped! Awesome! But the next day she gave in. :( She is gonna start over, we feel that she needs to go to the class and get help there too but she isn't making the effort to go. :( Little by little! 

My Birthday was good, thank y'all for the B-day wishes! :) they meant a lot to me! A few days before a member and her family fed us sushi!!! We even got to make our own! On my B-day a sweet older lady made me dinner! Some Indian curry dish! :) The next day a member took us to see a live nativity/walk through Bethlehem streets at the Methodist church. It was awesome! They had real animals! Like camels! Yup i was super happy!!! :) lol. 

Jessica was Baptized on Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday!! It was a short and small but spiritual baptism. It was just her family, the Bishop and the missionaries that where there. She didn't want peeps to be watching her. lol She is super cute! I am way excited for her!!

On a very random note.... As of yesterday, today and tomorrow morning I am staying with the sisters in Evans Georgia: Sisters Call and Porter! I love them both, but I connect with Sister Call more. And the cool/random part is we found out that we are RELATED!!! lol! So President has asked all of us to print out a pedigree chart and fan chart of our ancestors to take with us to the Christmas Zone conference which is this Friday!  We both share Anson Call as our ancestor! How cool it that?!? Ya we are pretty stoked! lol :D 

Hope y'all had a great week! Remeber to share the He is the Gift with your friends or family or that random person on the street! Christ is the reason for this season! Alma 7:10-13 

~ Sister Willie
District pic! NAOF = North Augusta on Fire!
 Sister Cano and I chopping wood! :)
At Jessica's Baptism!!! 

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