Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On to a new year! 2015! BANG!

Holla at yo family!!!

I am so happy that I was able to skype with my family last week! It was so awesome to see y'all's faces and talk with ya! :)

So some craziness happened this week! Well our car has been in the shop and we finally got it back Tuesday morning. We had to stop at the store for something. It was raining really bad too. Well as I am looking for a parking spot an old man backs up into us!!! We didn't even have the car for 30 minutes and it gets hurt again! Oh goodness, but the old man was so sweet. We stood out in the pouring rain under my tiny umbrella while we called our mission office. We were soaked! The mission office was laughing... they teased me that I have "bad" luck. Well who knows? But this is just so random and ridiculous how it happened. lol!

Christmas eve President Cottle asked all the missionaries to go caroling! So we went with the NA Elders and a 17 year old boy from the ward: Grant. It was so much fun! We sang to our investigators! So many of them appreciated it and had us come in for a little bit. We ended at Stephanie's! She had a lot of her family over and we sang a bunch of songs for them! Plus we were fed Italian food! :)

We've spent a lot of time with Stephanie this week! We have been helping her pack up her house. She has to be out by January 16th. There is so much to pack in that BIG house! She has lived there for almost 20 years! We have had good lessons with her on the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chasity... lol. the LOC lesson was one of the funniest lessons I've been a part of! She had some interesting questions and views! haha! We all were laughing too. :) The best part is she was at church on Sunday!!!! She only came to sacrament meeting, but that was awesome! She enjoyed it too! :) I love seeing how much she is progressing, little by little! :)

I love y'all so much! Thank you for the cards and presents! I so greatly appreciated them all!! For this New Year I hope you all are making New Year resolutions and I hope one of your goals is to become more Christ-like. Focus on our Saviors attributes and pick one that you can be better on this year! So many miracles and blessings will come into your life and your families’ lives when you focus more on our Savior!


~ Sister Willie
 Our district picture!

Christmas morning!!!! (Sis Gray and I had matching PJ's!!!) 

@ the Lights of the South! Super cool!

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