Monday, January 12, 2015

Meeting Elder Andersen!! :)

Hey Hey!!!

Last week was a BLAST!!! I went on two exchanges, dyed my hair, helped Stephanie move, knocked doors, met crazy peeps, taught lessons, received answers to my prayers and met an Apostle of the Lord!! My only complaint is that I wish time would slow down! I can't believe it is Monday already!

The two exchanges I went on were awesome! Both great Sisters! The first was in NA with Sister de st. Jeor who is from Centerville Utah. She is awesome! We had great success in helping Stephanie. We also talked with a less active, part member family. The girl is the member and she is only 24. She is scared of the temple and doesn't fully understand. She is letting her fears rule her. So we helped address many of her concerns. She is still afraid, and really doesn't want to let go of them. But hopefully by helping her come back to church and feel the spirit she will be willing to let them go.

The other exchange I went on was in Aiken SC with Sister Cano!! I went on exchanges with her last transfer. She is super awesome and from Peru! We had a lot of success there! She is serving in the Coker Springs ward and it is on fire! We visited this sweet less active lady who is in need of friends. We helped her clean up her house and cook dinner! We also had an appointment with an active, part member family. They had some pretty deep questions about families being sealed for eternity. They aren't sure if they believe in it and wanted their questions answered. I love when the spirit brings things I have studied and learned to my remembrance so I can truly help answer peoples questions with the truth. I love how this couple is handling their doubt and concerns. They still attend their meetings, read their scriptures and they ASK question so they can learn and progress! They didn't stop going to church just because something didn't sit right with them! They are going about it very well! They asked the missionaries and now they are gonna ask their Bishop to receive further insight! woot woot!

Saturday was the best part of the entire week!! Elder Andersen of the 12 Apostles spoke to our entire mission! He was with Elder Soares of the 70. They both spoke to us! Elder Soares talked to us about our vision and how the choices we make on our mission will affect the rest of our lives, into the eternities. He talked about the trust the brethren have in us too! Elder Andersen talked about having an eternal perspective and not to get down on ourselves when we don't see the work moving at lightning speed! Him and his wife spoke on honesty and how as a disciple of Christ we should be honest in all things. Awesome! After the meeting the entire mission went out to lunch together at a mall! Like 220 missionaries taking over! :) It was great seeing friends and meeting new faces! I love my mission so much and all the friends I am making!!! I don't want to come home.

Remember Amelia?!? Well she is doing great and make it to church yesterday!!! We love her so much and are so proud of her! She is having us over for dinner this week and we will get to meet her husband!!! woot!

And a random funny story to share.... SO apparently last night I was sleep praying. lol! Sister Gray told me that I woke her up cause I was on my knees in my bed and praying out loud! She said "what are you doing? Did the alarm go off?" And I didn't answer her, laid back down. haha! I'm glad to know that I pray even in my sub consciousness! :

I love y'all! As a church sign said: 'Follow the star in 2015' So remember to always keep our Savior in your thoughts! xoxoxo

Pics! 1: With Elder Poti and Sister Smith! #1 2: Saying goodbye to one of my favorites! Elder Allen. He goes home in a week. :( #BMFE 3:

~ Sister Willie
 With Elder Poti and Sister Smith! #1

Saying goodbye to one of my favorites! Elder Allen. He goes home in a week. :( #BMFE

And this is how we dye each others hair... with bread and orange juice! ;) lol I love my companion so so so much!!! #dynamicduo

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