Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The week where everything fell through....

Yup family and friends this week was one of those "harder" weeks.

So we had A LOT of set appointments this week and man we were excited!!! Well out of 13 set appointments only 3 worked out! So we did a lot of scrambling and knocking on doors... not that much success. But is was still a good week! #GMM

We have seen Stephanie and she is slowly asking more questions about the church, but her boyfriend Dale has been asking us lots of questions! Last night we showed up cause our set appointments were cancelled and plus I love the drop in and surprise them method! ;) We gave them both a Restoration pamphlet and committed them to read it. Stephanie said that this time she will write down her questions for the nest time we see her!

Amelia is doing great! She was at church again yesterday with her 4 year old!!! Little Peyton is super cute! During the meeting she decorated me with stickers and when I sat back down from saying the opening prayer she gave me a big hug and told me that she loved me!! AWWW! Kids are so cute!!! :) After Sacrament meeting she told her mom that she did not want to leave, she liked church a lot! So next week Amelia said they will stay for the whole meeting!! Woot woot!! :) We also should be meeting her husband this week!

We had a good time meeting different peeps! We went to a very nice nursing home and met a sweet older lady who has a napkin person living in her shoe! lol :) We also met this man who was fixing his truck and he told us all about the governments conspiracy theories. He also told us that his wife is from Alabama and the people from the are just plain crazy! haha!

Brother Plocha is progressing really well! Sister P. pulled us aside and told us how much he has changed already! Woot woot! We found out that he hasn't read the BOM all the way through, but he says that through the years of having missionaries and members come over and share something out of it that he has read it at lease 6 times then! HA! We are gonna work on getting him to read the BOM!!! We is very intellectual and likes learning about everything (He taught us all about stock and bonds one day!) and I know he will read one day. His heart just needs to soften a bit more and he needs to let go of his pride. I sure do love them! They have become our Grandparents in NA!!! :)

I love you all so much! hope everything is going well!?! I am loving my mission so much! I truly love being apart of this glorious work and helping people progress towards excepting the gospel! No matter if I am the one who plants the seed, feeds, waters, weeds or even harvest it. I am just so grateful to be an instrument in His hands!


~ Sister Willie

Amelia took us out for Japanese food!!! #Sushi

The sign says it all! ;)

hahaha! We had fun during District Meeting!

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