Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tribute to my Grandpa Law!!

Hey family and friends!

Well this past Saturday my Grandpa passed away. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the knowledge that families can be together forever! My Grandpa was a great example to me. He had a strong testimony and loved the Savior very much! He also loved missionary work! He served a mission in France and was always talking about it. I hope that I am the type of missionary my Grandpa would be proud of. I love him very much and know I will be seeing him again soon.

We had a great and very spiritual district meeting last Tuesday. Since my district is only 4 peeps it usually is the same people talking, but this time we decided to have a testimony meeting and it was AWESOME!! I love being strengthened from others testimonies :) What else is super cool is that all 4 of us are staying! None of us are getting transferred! We have 6 more weeks to be a part of miracles in NA!!! We all feel like we are here to help one of our favorite people ever!!! Brother Plocha! His wife has been a member for 35 years and they have been married 54 years! He is AWESOME and loves us all very much! Sister Plocha told us last week that Bro. P's heart is softening, he has come a long way in just 6 weeks. So when none of our names were called, this is the impression that all of us felt!

We did service with Rocky! Sweet member that has been very sick for a few weeks. We helped her take down all of her Christmas decorations and the tree. And we visited Sharon, the RC. She has been sick for a long time, but she was able to make it to Church! When we were trying to leave, our car wouldn't turn on.... I think I just have the worst luck when it comes to mission cars. lol. The Elders came and jumped it for us and the Brother Dunagan was nice and fixed a few things for us.

Amelia was at church!!! She and her whole family were sick this past week, so we didn't get to see her :( But this week we are going over to help her clean and get her house ready for spring!

We had a cool miracle of sorts this week. Early Saturday morning we received a phone call, this man had a thick accent and asked "is this the Mormons?" We told him yes and he told us that when he had been walking he had found a card on the ground with the Mormon.org website and our phone number written on it. He wants to learn more!!! SWEET!!! So we get information and he asks if we can meet up in a public place? So later that afternoon we go to meet him at the library... well he wasn't there. :( We called him but his voice mail doesn't even sound like him... we think there was a miss-communication. But as we walked around the library we met two new people to teach!!! SO all in all it turned out to be great! :) Hopefully he calls us back!

Welp, I love y'all very much! Have a great week! Keep smiling and don't forget to read your scriptures every day and to have family prayer! Make sure you are protecting yourself and your loved ones! XOXOXO

~ Sister Willie
Dead raccoon..... yup we are in da south!   

 You know you are a redneck when.... your truck is camo. lol :)

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