Friday, January 9, 2015

Eating Squirrel.... it taste like chicken!

Hey Family and Friends!!! 

Its a New Year and man, the time is flying by SUPER fast!!! We had a fantastic week over all! 

We went on exchanges with the Stevens Creek sisters. I went to Evans, Georgia with Sister Porter! I was in the MTC with her a year ago! Wow we both have changed and grown so much! We taught many people and saw lots of miracles with finding new people for them to teach! We even had an interesting adventure! So miss communication from a member but we ended up without a car, in the dark and the car was 4 miles away! lol. But it turned out good, the less active we met let us inside and we were abler to talk with her before walking back to the car. But I got stuck in the mud! lol! So my shoes look even more beat up! :) 

Sister Gray and I had a great lesson with Amelia! The less active I met last transfer who is from OK!  Her Dad past away 2 weeks ago and she is doing pretty well. She was very excited to see us and we have a set appointment this week to see her and help her around her house! She was going to be at church yesterday, but she got nervous. So this Sunday she is gonna try again! 

Crazy drama happened with Stephanie this week! Poor thing is emotionally drained. But she has to be out of her house ASAP! So us and the Elders and a few ward members went over and helped her pack up her house. 20 years of stuff sure can add up! She doesn't even have a place to stay or put her stuff! Its so sad and I wish I could do more for her. We have had great discussions on the WOW and LOC.... she thinks we are crazy to wait! lol! But she does see some of the blessings in our own lives that we have pointed out to her. We just need to talk more about Obedience and how our Heavenly Father loves us so much. He just wants to keep us safe and have us return back to Him. He knows what will get us safely back to Him too! Trusting in our Heavenly Father is key and that trust will have us do His will over our own will. 

We ate squirrel on New Years day! (No that is not a tradition) The Elders and a member caught, killed and cleaned it! haha! They were nice and let us try it.... it tasted fine, but was chewy and I think squirrels are cute and fluffy! So it was hard to stomach for me and for Sister Gray too! lol! But now I can say I've tried it. On a way random note...... two squirrels live outside our study room window and I have named them!!! They are Murdoch and Bonnie-lass, and yes they are cute and fluffy! :) lol! 

Friday was MLC!!! Best one ever!!!! I just love President and Sister Cottle!!!! They expressed their love for all of us so strongly and it was very spiritual! Many of us leaders were crying because of how touched we were. He called us friends and he was crying too. I also loved seeing many of my mission buddies!!! I justb love my mission SO much!!! 

This morning Sister Gray and I taught President and Sister Cottle. They are going though out the entire mission and having every companionship teach them two principles. One of our own choosing and one of theirs. We taught on Obedience and then they chose for us Tithing. It went very well. They both said they were impressed with us and liked how we taught them. Plus we were unified!!! :) It was great seeing them! I really enjoyed it! 

This Saturday we are having an Apostle come to the mission!!! Elder Andersen is coming to speak to our mission! SO the entire mission is getting together!!! Woot woot! 

I found a new favorite scripture this week: Mosiah 16:9 "He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death."

Pic... I will have to try and send some later. This computer is SLOW!! And we are short on time today. 

I love y'all! xoxoxo 

~ Sister Willie

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