Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gator tail, frog legs and I'm getting transferred......:(

Hey Y'all!!!!

So I am leaving North Augusta and I am SO sad! It took me a bit to truly love this area, but it has grown on me and I have made so many friends and worked hard here! Plus I love Sister Gray and I am super sad we aren't gonna be companions! :( I am no longer a STL this coming transfer... I will miss MLC and going on exchanges but I am glad that I don't have to prepare a training. lol SO I will find out my next area and companion tomorrow at the transfer meeting in Macon.... yup I am nervous.

Last Monday I jammed two of my fingers really bad from playing B-ball. Well they had to be taped together and I looked like I was doing the Star Trek "Live long and Prosper" sign. lol! SO with that in y'alls mind, the next day the Elders took us to meet a family. They are a young, nice couple with 3 crazy little boys and a baby girl. They also have some interesting beliefs. Well I am trying to hide my hand cause I think it looks funny and it easily distracts peeps from the lesson. Well Wendy sees it and asks all about it. So in a whirlwind of events she and her brother hold on to my wrist and say this prayer that Satan needs to come out of my wound and Jesus will miraculously make it better... Don't get me wrong, I believe in miracles, But not yelling to our Savior and demanding him to cure me... Really I was very uncomfortable and wanted to bolt away from them! They did it 3 times!!! Cause they asked me if it was better and NO! It still hurt! So they would do another one. The power of prayer is real and I know faith is an important factor, but just cause you demand to see instant results doesn't mean HF is gonna do what you ask right then and how you want. He is all knowing and knows what is best for us. In a way in sorta reminded me of giving Priesthood blessings... but they don't have the authority and it didn't feel sacred. It was an interesting moment of my life, that's for sure.

On Friday we had a MLC and it was a really neat one! We are talking a lot more about setting goals and how to reach them. We set a "new" standard of excellence for the mission. It was really cool to be apart of that. I am a lot more willing and excited when it comes to setting goals. We are trying to help all the missionaries realize they can reach them! And that miracles are possible and the feeling of success that comes from reaching our goals!

Also another, but awesome experience happened!! A member took us to this VERY southern restaurant. So we tried friend gator tail... not that bad, just chewy. And boiled frog legs.... ya I did not like them at all. It was fun tho! I like fried catfish and instead of having a bread basket you had all you could eat grits and butter! lol! It was neat! The Bonewicks took us! Sweet part-member couple! Bro. B. will get baptized I know it!

We had this awesome call from a girl named To-My, she is Vietnamese and from Atlanta and a life long member. She is dating this guy who is in Med-school here. She asked us to teach him. So we call him and he is very open! We met him yesterday and had a great lesson!!! He already knows a lot and had great questions! We talked a lot about the restoration, Joseph Smith, the Priesthood and the Book of Mormon! He is already reading it and really wanted to know the history! He is super smart and we (well Sister Gray and the unknown sister) have another appointment with him this coming Sunday! :) This had to have been one of my favorite lessons I have taught!! :)

I love y'all so much!!! :) xoxox

~ Sister Willie
 With the McClleans! I love this family! 

 With the Dunagans! They became our parents! :) 

Eating frog legs... hahaha

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