Monday, March 23, 2015

The Lord provides technology to accomplish His purpose - Randall L. Ridd

Hey Y'all!!! 

So Gwen has given me a real sign name now! It is the letter W and you kinda wave/spin it in front of where missionary name tag go. :) We were able to get her in contact with the ASL sisters on Temple square!!!! So she has been learning from them and us! We have found a ASL interrupter who is willing to go to our lessons starting this coming week! She is a nonmember, is married to a LA! This Sunday Gwen came to church again! :) A sweet lady in the family ward was so willing to type what was being said! She was a life saver!!! :) I am so grateful for members who are willing to help out and serve others! :) 

So Jamie and Candace are both not members! We were so confused! lol But I love them so much! They really are golden! I have never met anyone who is so thirsty for the Gospel! Like we couldn't teach her fast enough! So Jamie is waiting for his best friend to get off his mission... next February! (2016) Crazy! And Candace knows that being the same religion as your spouse is important so she is so ready to learn!!! :) So we had a great lesson with her and we were there for 3 hours because she had so many questions and was pretty much inhaling everything! Also she is SO smart!! Literately I felt like we were pouring water slowly into her mouth so it didn't overwhelm her and she just kept grabbing the container and trying to 'drown' herself in it! lol Man I just love her SO much! They both are awesome and came to sports morning on Saturday! We played football in the humidity and heat! But it was a lot of fun! :) 

We had great success at the booth that we put up on campus! two of the Elders helped us also! We talked with lots of students and few were interested, but a couple came over and told us they are currently taking a class on Mormonism... say WHAT!!??!! But they were all nice for the most part. We had a return appointment with a student from Cameroon in Africa! He was pretty cool and had a lot of questions. He has a hard time understanding the priesthood authority. But has a lot of compassion. 

So thats pretty much it for this week... just having a great time down here in the deep (and hot) South!!! I love my mission so much and am so grateful for all the miracles and blessings I have been apart of! Much love! xoxoxo

~ Sister Willie
 At the booth on campus! (VSU)

  Saw an Armadillo in our front yard!!! I chased him down! lol

Lunch on our porch! #ValdostaGeese

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