Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey Y'all!!! 

This past week was AWESOME!!!!! So many miracles and growth is happening here in the V-town!!! :) I absolutely love it here! I loved working in the small towns, but in the bigger cities there are SO many more peeps to talk with!!! So much to share and SO little time! ...............

We had Zone Conference and learned so much! There is this new Easter initiative that the church is doing!  Go to the web page and watch the video if you haven't already! It is only 2 minutes and so worth your time! :) Our Savior Lives! I know this for myself and I love Him very much! Oh how glorious is Easter and that we are reminded more about our Saviors great sacrifice for each and everyone of us. The atonement is real and I have felt it for myself. We are all worthy and loved to use it! It brings such comfort and healing to all. 

We had 3 gators at church yesterday!!! And Gwen is on date!!! She prayed about April 11th and feels very good about it! We feel like everything should work out. :) So even more miracles! At ZC I was sitting next to an Elder and he had a ASL CTR ring on. Find out he is fluent in ASL!!! And his area is only 1 hour away from us. So he got permission to come down and help us teach! :) It was good and is helping a lot!  But at the same time it is... different teaching with Elders. They just have a different approach, method in how they teach. lol  But both ways work great, just a new adventure! 

Candace and Jamie are doing good, but are starting to plateau.... :( Candace went with us to watch the women's general broadcast and she was at church for all 3 hours!! But I highly don't like and discouraged her from searching for things online... there is so much negative stuff and really if you don't think reading just a little won't affect you, then you should rethink how you view things. When we are searching for negative, then we are leaving the door wide open for the adversary to come into our lives and influence even more! But when we are opening positive doors by reading our scriptures, going to church, praying, etc then we are letting the Savior have be the influence in our lives. You cannot do both! You cannot serve two masters as it says in Matthew 6:24" No man can serve two masters: for either he will hatethe one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

So yesterday was full of miracles, but the first is during Branch council, we are in the President's office and a knock comes, so we open the door and standing outside is a frightened lady wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It is apparent that she isn't sure of herself right then. I thought that is was a lady off the street asking for money or food cause that does happen often out here. Well she said that she wanted to see if there was anyone able to teach her 14 year old daughter the gospel cause she has been asking lots of questions cause her friend at school is a member! So Sister An and I step out into the hallway with her and we introduce ourselves and she tells us her story. She believes that her children can make there own decisions when it comes to religion, but she wants them to be properly educated by someone who is meant to 'preach', not by a peer cause she doesn't want her daughter to just get bits and pieces. Pretty awesome and it took a lot of courage to come into the church! :) We also found out that Sunshyne (that is her name)'s dad use to be a member and she went to church with her grandparents a few times when they visited. SO she has a bit of knowledge and her husband has a similar story. But neither of them are baptized. And they will be feeding us next week when we have a lesson!!! :) #maconmiracles

The other miracle is when we were driving back after dinner we pasted a gator that we haven't seen in a long time. We weren't sure if she dropped us cause she was never home or answered her phone. Well Sylvia was home and so excited to see us! She is doing much better! She was beat up by her husband. She is glowing and has decided not to go back with him! :) She has been reading the BOM and really wants to come to church next week! We told her about General Conference and she almost pouted cause she really wants to be the members at the church! lol :) We told her we would find her some to watch it with since we already have been invited to go to members or gators for ALL the sessions! She is excited to listen to the Prophet speak! :) We are super happy! And we also be teaching her this week!!! :) 

So speaking of General Conference, I am WAY excited for it!!! :) Its like super bowl for Mormons... or maybe just us missionaries, but anyway it is AWESOME and so spiritually felling! :) If you don'y know how or when to watch it go to How to watch General Conference! And there is all the info! It is this coming weekend, April 4th and 5th! And go with questions that you have, the Lord will answer your questions in General Conference if you come prepared and are listening! Such a blessing to be able to hear from the Prophet and Apostles live, twice a year! :) 

Love y'all! xoxo

~ Sister Willie
 Valdosta! :)

  @Zone Conference

We got fed real Chinese/Taiwanese food by a PM family! :)

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