Monday, April 13, 2015

A dunkin' week!!!

Hey y'all!!! 

This past week was so amazing!!! I really love it here in Valdosta! The work is on fire and I am witnessing so many miracles! We had a baptism this week, did service, and helped our investigators continue to have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, work towards baptism and confirmation and also to endure to the end. :)

Last Tuesday we had a great lesson with Candace on Fasting and Tithing. She is so prepared, and very willing to do these once she is baptized. But she told us she is still not ready to set a date. We could tell there was something minor holding her back, but she didn't/wasn't ready to talk about it. So we left and the power was strong! Maybe an hour later she texted us and said "I want to be baptized!" "I feel this is what I need to do." Well dang!!! We were totally dancing around when we read those texts! :) So we called her and she told us what had changed her! She is friends with a good group of RM's and converts on FB, they are in this group and one of them introduced her to a recent convert who has/had similar situations and personality. Well she just told her that the church is not for perfect people and to not be intimidated. Candace was also concerned about having tattoos. This wonderful sister helped calm her fears and have faith and see the big picture! So Candace realized they were not big issues at all and it was time for her to be baptized!!! woot woot!! We told her how happy and proud we are of her and that when we see her next we would make a baptismal calendar with her! She picked her own date! May 9th! :) I am SO happy and excited for her! Plus I feel like this will help Jamie in making a decision too! :) Also they both were at church yesterday!!! 

Us and the Elders had a fun experience at one dinner this past week! One member is Nigerian and his wife cooked authentic food! We had to eat it with our hands... yup and it was a stew! So there was this thick grits like stuff that we would use to pick the stew up with. It was so delicious! Did you know there is an art when eating with your hands?!? Ya I had no idea until this past week. We all watched our host and followed suit... but I still got messy, but the Elders were worst off than me. lol :) 

We had a great ZTM last week! I really enjoyed the training's on hymns and the atonement!  We also all made drawings for the #BecasueHeLives and how it affects us personally. :) Then we took a zone picture! :) I love being a missionary! 

Gwen was baptized on Saturday!!!! It was a very special service and the spirit was so strong! Many members are working on knowing ASL so they can have some type of communication with her! :) Elder Noll was able to do the baptism ordinance first in ASL and then verbally. Super cool! And then on Sunday when she was confirmed he sat in front of her and signed her blessing to her, Bishop Hyer confirmed her a member! When Gwen sat back down next to me after the confirmation she was in tears. It doesn't matter what language you speak, the spirit is always the same. :) Gwen is so sweet and has a firm testimony! :) 

Welp I will be getting a new companion tomorrow and Sister An will head back to Temple square on Wednesday. I am now in my last transfer... how the time has flown by. :( I absolutely love my mission and the good people here in South Georgia and South Carolina! #FinishingStrong 
Much love! xoxoxo

~ Sister Willie
 Eating the Nigerian food! with Sister Omotunde!

 The Zone!

Gwen's baptism!!!

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