Sunday, April 26, 2015

The start of my final transfer... Dang! Time has flown by terribly fast!

Hey Y'all!!! 

This past week was CRAZY!!!! For reals! Transfers happened. I said bye to Sister An. :( I'm missing her! I also got to see some of my mission buddies!!! Sister Gray and I hugged for a long time! She even picked me up and didn't put me down for a minute or so! lol! I just love her! :) My new companion is Sister Muegge from St. George Utah! She has been out for 6 months now. We get along very well too! She is very outgoing and friendly and loves people! :) 

This whole week we have been going to early morning seminary and helping out. This means we are waking up a lot earlier and have to be at the church by 6:20 am! (ya we all are super tired! But its so worth it!) These kids are rock stars! This whole week has been their missionary week! They have to live by certain standards the whole week, no TV, computers, electronics, etc. They are only allowed to use their phones for parents and the Internet for homework. They also have to wear missionary clothes all day on Wednesday. They all receive "mission calls". Some went to Japan, Haiti, Ghana, California. Pretty sweet! They were put into companionship's and we helped them with their companion studies and also with district meetings. We taught them one morning about effective studies and then for their Wednesday night mutual activity, us missionaries were in charge! It was awesome! We had a mock zone training meeting and had some "investigators" for them to teach! Pretty legit! I wish we had done something like this when I was in young women's! All the youth are awesome, but I am SO impressed with Emma Oaks! She just turned 15 last week and is on fire with missionary work!! She has a rock solid testimony and just funny! I have claimed her as my little minion aka sister. lol ;) All her older siblings are less active and she keeps on encouraging them to come back to church! She never gives up! 

So Tuesday night all 6 of us missionaries here in Valdosta went to a tent revival service! Man it was CRAZY!!! There were many preachers, but one of them was SCREAMING about hell and how people go there and there is no return! Man it was scary!!! And so depressing! They need the fullness of the gospel! They don't have the Eternal Perspective, so sad. :( Also he was yelling that if you want to be saved come touch his hand. So people went up there. Us and the Elders were looking around not sure what to do or what was going on. I had this sick feeling and I knew this was not true! I was so ready to leave when this lady comes up to my companion and I and starts crying. She told us that she is a less active and is there with her son and some friends had invited them. Her son is 12 and was asking her if he was saved? She knew what the preacher was saying was wrong and told her son so. She was praying that she would find a member so she could feel loved and the truthfulness of the gospel. That's when she turned around and saw us! She said once she saw us, she was overwhelmed with this warm and comfortable feeling. She knew without a doubt that she belonged to the true church and is ready to come back! We got all her info and are know meeting with her! :) I loved it! I knew we were suppose to stay there. After she talked with us I felt better about being there too! :) I am so grateful to be apart of this church! I know it is true and we are lead and guided by a prophet called of God. I feel so blessed to have an eternal perspective in this life. Families can be together forever! How glorious is this message?! 

On Saturday we had a zone service project in Tifton! All 26 missionaries helped American Red Cross knock on doors and install smoke alarms for free! It was so much fun! Pretty much we were tracting and asking if they had one? and if they did if it worked? Or if they didn't then would they like one? We also had rad vest to wear! Oh Yeah! We were in teams of 4. Sister Muegge and I were with the zone leaders (Elder Herzog and Elder Nelson) in the ghetto!!! But we had great success! Plus we saw lots of police arresting some peeps... lol But it was cool. We also got the Elders some return appointments! The only weird thing was when we knocked on the doors and they yelled "who is it?!" Instead of yelling 'missionaries!' we yelled 'red cross!' lol It was a change and more peeps answered the doors. lol! 

Well hope y'all are doing fantastic?!! Continue to be grateful for all that you have! Notice and appreciate the small stuff! Y'all are great! xoxoxoxo 

~ Sister Willie
We fed a gator a doughnut. He spit it out! lol!

Doing our service! #AmericanRedCross

Love this lady... but check out her house... and the cats! #Nasty

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