Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference miracles! :)

Dearest Family and Friends! 

Didn't y'all just love General Conference?!?!?! It was SO AMAZING!! So many, if not all of my questions and concerns were answered during one of the six sessions! I am so grateful for the Prophet and Apostles and all of the auxiliary leaders. They truly are called and inspired of God! I had so many favorite speakers/talks, but a few that truly touched and helped me are: President Eyring (in the Saturday morning session), Linda Burton, Wilford Andersen, Bonnie Oscarson, Brent Nielson, Kevin Pearson, and Elder Ballard! And of course many more, but these ones stand out in my mind! :) If you missed any sessions you should go online to lds.org and watch them! It truly will help you in whatever circumstance of life you are in or going through! 

Candace has come a long way since last week!!! She opened up and explained her feelings to us, and we were able to tell her that as her missionaries we cannot help her if she does not tell us what is going on in her mind and life. She appreciated that we told her that and totally understood where we are coming from! So last week was awesome! She is progressing very well and wants to be baptized! She is just praying for a date! :) She watched 2 sessions of General Conference and loved them!!! I know it helps for investigators to hear for themselves the Prophet's and Apostles' voices! I just love Candace and Jamie! They are so humble and willing to learn the truth. They want to grow in this gospel and to learn for themselves how it can change and better their lives! 

So Gwen!!!! She is getting baptized this Saturday!!! She also watched the Sunday morning session of General Conference and loved it! We had so many miracle lessons with her this past week! We had exchanges and while on exchanges we taught her the word of wisdom with Elder Noll translating and helping us teach! So we find out that she just loves her tea, she has it every morning and it makes her very happy! Well before we had introduced the WOW by explaining that it was revelation given to Joseph Smith. We just asked her if she would be willing to give it up? She thought on it for maybe 10 seconds and then said "Yes! I can drink orange juice or milk instead." Wow!! She is do golden!!! She even thought of her own replacements! i just love Gwen! She has strong and pure testimony! So sweet and humble! I am way excited for her to be baptized! I know that when we knocked on her door and found her it was the Lord leading and guiding us to her, cause the field is white already to harvest and we just had to thrust in our sickle and work hard and obedient! The Lord is already preparing people to except this gospel. They are just waiting for us to find them! :) 

I am loving my mission so much! It is flying by way to fast!! We have transfer calls this coming Saturday and we already know that Sister An is going, cause she has to go back to Temple square. :( But one of the cool parts is I will be able to visit her on Temple square when I get home!!! :) She also loves donuts so I told her I would bring her some! lol! :) 

I love y'all so much!!! xoxoxo 

~ Sister Willie
 Our crazy district!!!

 We are just a bunch of goofballs! ;)

 Valdosta missionaries!

Trying on the Elder's suit coats... lookin' snazzy!

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