Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm proud to be a Mormon!

Howdy Y'all! 

So this past week has been crazy and weird! I'm sure many of you have see Valdosta State University on the news this past week. Well that my area, we are the YSA Sisters and we go there often and even have a booth. As missionaries we are kinda out of the news so we really have no idea whats going on unless someone tells us. Well on Wednesday we had our booth on campus and we did notice that there were A LOT of police walking around, but we were totally clueless. lol! Thankfully that evening our investigator Candace showed us the news clip from the guy walking on the American flag and the stuff he was saying. Then Friday morning the ward mission leader called all the missionaries in the ward boundaries and told us all what was happening! SO we informed our mission president and we were 'ordered' on a lock down if it got really bad and to stay away from that part of town and not to go tracting. So many people kept their kids out of school that day due to fear, guns, the KKK and the black panthers. The peeps here in Valdosta were really in a uproar and it was kinda crazy! Luckily Sister Muegge and I went out with a member for the day in the small towns far out in the country. So we were safe. :) Plus we got to be in the country!!! I have realized that I am not a city girl, I love small towns and the country! :) So back to the protest... Well one of the young women went to it for a little bit out of curiosity and told us that she saw KKK people and Black Panther people on the street and there were many cars and motorcycles driving around with flags. She also said in her school many kids were getting checked out cause of the treats and stuff... man! We didn't realize how crazy it was! So all I can say is that I am grateful for the truths that I know and that I get to share with others! :) 

We taught Candace about the priesthood and missionary work last week! She had some good questions and concerns, but mainly she is struggling with the idea that men and women are equal. She can't fully grasp the idea how the church views women and the role we have as important. :( Sister Muegge and I both bore our testimonies on how important women's roles are and how sacred they are. I felt impressed to show her a talk from Gordon B. Hinckley back in 2003. Its addressed to the women of the church. It brought the spirit in so strong! I got the impression that she will learn over time as she is in the church. :) All will be well and her husband treats her so well and doesn't think the same way she does about the difference between men and women. I love Candace and am so excited for her to be baptized!!!! 

We found someone new to teach! We were going to find a lot of formers and most of them weren't home or had moved. Well at one house (in the ghetto!) they were having a party outside, so we decided to join them! lol! We met many peeps and one of them was very interested in learning more! Her name is Terrica (Tara-ca) and she has very limited knowledge about religion and really doesn't know anything about Jesus Christ. This is a new way of teaching down here in the South cause almost everyone has some level of faith in Him! We made a return appointment when people would be sober for the next day. We took the Swanks (Senior couple missionaries) with us and had a great lesson on the Restoration! She soaked it up and had so many questions! She was suppose to be at church but nope she didn't show up. :( But we will be seeing her this week! 

SO something cool this week was when we had sports morning with investigators and members, we played soccer in a rain storm! It was legit and we were soaked!!! Plus we were all slipping and sliding so it was very entertaining! lol! :) And then we had a HUGE food fight at lunch! lol! I now have full filled a dream of mine! Thanks to Sister Muegge! :) Plus we beat the Elders! lol! 

I have been reading the book of Mosiah again and I have to say that it is one of my favorite books! I love reading about Ammon and how strong and faithful of a leader he is. I like in verse 19 to 33 where he is talking about trusting in God, doing His will and being obedient. Because when you do you are even more blessed and favored of Him! 

I love you all! xoxoxo

~ Sister Willie
 All of us at a youth's soccer game!

 On the tracks! 

 hahaha! Looks so uncomfortable! 

All of us after playing soccer in the rain! 

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