Monday, March 3, 2014

A busy week in Beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina!!

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week has been the BOMB!!!! We have been so busy and productive that the week just flew by! We are teaching and finding many people! I love working hard, but having fun doing it! :) 

We found Lita and Brandon.... both in their early 20's and good friends, last Tuesday. We have taught them twice and they have committed to Baptism! They are both very excited about the gospel and want to keep learning more! Miss. Mullen opened up to us that she knows our church is true, the BOM is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet! She also told us that she is looking at changing churches but it is hard for her and asked us to have patience with her. We are very excited though! She has been seeing missionaries since July/August and did a few times like 10 years ago! She is so amazing and we love her very much! :) Jeanette is doing a lot better! She came to church with her daughter yesterday and loved it! She is starting to understand the priesthood and is keeping her commitments! She is so funny! We were supposed to go see her at 2 pm on Saturday but needed to go earlier because we were helping someone move at that time. We went at 11 am and when she looked out the window she yelled "IT'S NOT 2! IT'S NOT 2! WHAT IF I HAD A MAN HID UP IN THIS HOUSE?!? YOU WOULD HAVE CAUGHT ME!" Lol! She is so funny and then just laughs cause she no longer wants to break the law of Chasity. She even has established rules for her 18 year old daughter to not have boys come over anymore! We are so impressed with her! :) 

The Lord is so wonderful and truly blesses us! So I was pretty sick on Thursday.... like up most of the night with the toilet.... ;) But anyways I was determined to still go out that morning. We went to visit a less active, when we entered into her house she apologized for burning something and told us we should reschedule. It was a good thing too cause the smell made me so sick! Sister Clouse looked back and told me later I looked green! I was going to puke! I had two choices, either puke in their house or on their drive way... I figured they would prefer the drive way. So I booked it outside with Sister Clouse trying to have it still look professional (bless her for that!) and keep the lady for noticing... lol oh she noticed but was more confused anyway. Well it is pretty funny now to be honest. :) So we went home because I was out of it. Heavenly Father really blessed us and had all of our appointments call us and reschedule! Wow! It was perfect! I felt so blessed! Plus the Elders came over and gave me a wonderful blessing! :) Even with me being out for a day we still had a very busy week! :) 

Also at Church an older man came up to me with his granddaughter and she said "Hi I'm 9 years old and I want to be baptized. Will you teach me please?" So cute!!! Of course we will! :) Sister Clouse was over talking with Jeanette and Jeanetta at the time so I didn't get to tell her until we were in Sunday school. We were both giggling and jumping around in our seats! lol! :) I just love my companion! :) 

Also remember how last Monday I said we were going to the beach?! Well we did and it was awesome and so BEAUTIFUL!!! I we got to climb this old lighthouse too! I will send pics! :) I love you all and pray for you too! Much love!

~ Sister Tara Willie
 With my District at the bottom of the Lighthouse!!

 With Sister Clouse :)

At the top of the Lighthouse!

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