Monday, March 24, 2014

First BAPTISM!!!!! (Not that i'm excited or anything)

Dear Family and Friends! 

The weeks are really starting to fly by! Today is the start of week 6 in this transfer!? What? It doesn't feel like it at all! We will find out who is being transferred this Saturday. I am not ready to leave Beaufort or Sister Clouse yet! 

Alex was baptized by her Grandfather Saturday March 22! She is so sweet and has such a strong testimony! We saw/taught her every day this week. During one of the prayers she said "Thank you Heavenly Father for letting me have all my sins be washed away..." Sister Clouse and I both got teary eyed. It’s so beautiful to know that at 9 she understands! She is so strong and a great example to her family! :) We just love her so much! Both Sister Clouse and I gave talks at her baptism. It went very well! Her Dad even came!!! :) She was just glowing the entire time! I am so grateful that I got to be one of the missionaries to 'teach' her, because I've learned so much from her. 

Last week the Marine's Silent Drill Platoon and Commander's Own band (stationed in DC) performed on base. Apparently it’s a real treat to see them, so some ward members took all of us missionaries to see them! It was pretty cool and we even got to take pictures with them! :) Many of them were really curious about our missions, so it was great contacting work too! :) 

We are still teaching Kim Greenwell. She is great! Her husband (the member) told us that he feels she will join eventually; she just feels an obligation to remain Catholic because of her Dad. Improvement! Woot woot! They don't have children so we have "become" their children in a sense. It’s really fun to make deep connections with the people you are serving! I love the people in Beaufort so much! Missionary work is all about love. No one is going to get baptized unless they feel and know you love them. Charity is the Christ like attribute that every missionary talks about the most! It is the most desirable and prayed for one too. As a companionship we have been praying for Charity and we both have noticed a big difference in EVERYTHING!!! I would encourage you and your families to pray for Charity together. :) 

I love you all very much! Keep up the hard work and don't forget to smile! :) Also congrats to my parents: Ron and Sharon Rex for receiving their mission call to Boston Massachusetts Temple! I am WAY excited for them! Luv ya!

~ Sister Tara Willie

With some of the silent drill platoon peeps. :) (The guns aren't real... at lease we think... but they were heavy!) 

'Gang-sta" Elders! lol :)  

Alex's Baptism! 

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