Monday, March 17, 2014

What a Week!! :)

Dear Family and Friends,

The weeks keep flying by and the days seem to be messing together. It’s a good thing I am writing in my journal every night or else I wouldn't be able to remember all that has happen in the past week! 

Alex is doing great! She will be baptized this Saturday! Keep her in your prayers please! :) Her Dad has given her permission to be Baptized and she has her interview yesterday and did very well! :) She is so much fun to teach! I feel like I am learning from her! Her level of faith is incredible and unwavering! 

We have been visiting a part member family for the past week and the wife asked us to start teaching her the discussions! Woot woot! We are pretty excited! :) This week has been mostly a tracking week. We have found many "hidden" places around Beaufort to track! My favorite of these places has to be the most humblest of all the areas. We meet all types of people there... mostly drunks who love Jesus but feel uncomfortable talking about him because of the state they are in (At least they are being honest) or this funny/goofy older lady! So we were saying a prayer with her on her doorstep. She wanted to hold hands while we prayed... sure why not. Well Sister Clouse was saying the prayer and the lady was mumbling the typical southern Baptist "yes Jesus, mmmhmmm, yes Lord, thank you lord" while she was praying. When we said amen the lady hollered and screamed that her hand was on fire! But she didn't let go of my hand. Lol! Apparently she felt the spirit overwhelmingly from Sister Clouse or something.... It was pretty funny and we've had a good laugh about it. :) I really do love tracking... all the beat stories come from meeting random peeps! 

Yesterday we were asked, along with the English elders to help out in primary. We played the roles of Mary Magdalene, a Nephite woman, Thomas, and Joseph Smith. We shared in first person their accounts on seeing our Savior resurrected. I was Mary and it was very humbling and spiritual. :) You should all read John 20: 1-18 to get her account and try to put yourself in her place. It is a wonderful experience! :) The children really enjoyed it and behaved themselves well... but I really liked Jr primary better. ;) 

Something a little random, but last Tuesday we had dinner with a younger couple from Germany! It was so much fun! Sister Cooley (a ward member) had friends visiting and she invited us to eat with them. They had many questions and were very curious about our missionary lives. They told us that they see Elders in their home town and feel sorry for them because Germans are not too friendly to them. But they gave us their information and told us we were welcomed to go and visit them any time! :) Pretty awesome! Sister Clouse and I may be going to Europe in 18 months... :) hehe

Well I hope all is going well. I love you very much and pray for you all the time! Keep smiling and Happy St. Patrick's day! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

Visiting Parris Island!!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

Primary Performance of the Resurrection!!

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