Monday, March 10, 2014

Island full of monkeys....WHAT?!?!?!

Hey Peeps!!! :) 

This past week flew by pretty fast! We had Interviews with President Cottle and Zone Training meeting, so that made us busier. It was good seeing President and Sister Cottle, they are SO busy though! 

We had to drop Jeanette this past week. :( We dropped in to see how she was doing and talk about baptism once again. She finally came out and said she doesn't want to be baptized. She said she will take her chances with her baptism without the priesthood authority. Sister Clouse and I had no intention of dropping her, but we followed the spirit and it was pretty awesome how smooth it went! Jeanette was sad to see us go, but she understood and wasn't bitter about it. We really hope and pray that she has a change of heart soon. The next day we had plan on doing service for her, we felt like it would still be ok to go and do it. The Elders were nice and helped us... well they more did all the work to be honest. hehe :)  They dug her a "poop hole" as we say it, but really they were just widening her drain/trench from her septic tank/hole. She lives in a shack so we weren't really sure what it was. BTW, I totally would have dug but there were only 3 shovels... I’m not afraid of dirt and poop. ;) But the Elders are awesome for doing that! 

We are still teaching Lita and she is really excited for her baptism! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom, and that was kind of hard to be honest. She smokes a pack a day and doesn't think she can quit even though she wants to. We have given her the motivation though! This Gospel can do anything!!! :) She is willing to try at lease. We will be fasting with her this week to give her added help! :) She is excited for that too! :) Lita's fianc√© Josh doesn't want to learn.. so he says, but whenever we come over he listens and answers questions and helps Lita with finding scriptures. He even says he will come to church with her. People are funny. :)  

SO what I am super excited about is Alex! She is the sweetest 9 year old! She really wants to learn and loves having us over! Her BCD is March 22! Her Grandparents are active and she receives support from them, we actually teach her at their place. Alex's 12 year old sister Laney was anti at first but now she is at all the lessons and she even came to church with all of them yesterday! :) She gets excited for us to come over too! :) We love teaching Alex and seeing her enthusiasm for the Gospel! She loves reading the BOM and telling us what she learned! She wants to be like Nephi and do what the Lord asks of her by being baptized. I am very proud of her and love her example to me, others and her family. :)

So about this monkey business... well we were visiting a less active family (They are pretty cool) and they told us about this Island really close to Lady's Island that the locals call monkey Island. Apparently a big firm or the government owns it and they raise monkeys there so they can be used in scientific experiments. They told us that you can only get there by boat (so I won’t get to see it... sad) and people are not allowed on because they don't want the monkeys contaminated. But the family said that you can see thousands of monkeys in the trees when you get close! Anyways there is your random thing from me this week. ;) hehe. 

Hope you are all doing great! I'm loving the weather over here! 70 degrees! :) I love you all and keep up the good work! 

~ Sister Tara Willie

Ya I'm a Harry Potter fan :)

 At the waterfront in downtown Beaufort!!

With my District after Church :)

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