Monday, September 1, 2014

We live in a such a beautiful world and It was created just for us! :)


Wow what a great week I had!!! So many miracles! And the world is such a beautiful place! I just love nature! Every morning and evening we are graced with beautiful sunrises and sunsets! My camera is full of pictures of nature! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! :D 

On a random note, since it is Labor day and the public library is closed we are emailing at the family history center at the church... and because the chair is way to short I am sitting on a BIG book! lol! I feel like a little kid again! :) hehe! ok back to business... ;)

We finally saw Nikki again! woot woot! She has been out of town and very sick but we were able to get in contact with her! She still wants to learn but she isn't sure how committed she is... pretty much she is scared. :( But we are just loving her and are going to focus more on the temple and how families can me together forever!!! She has 5 children so hopefully this will help her to progress. 

We also had a great impromptu lesson with Cyrus! He printed off his schedule for us so we are now able to catch him when he will be home! We sat out in his garage and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ! He had good questions and said we can bring members to his home this week! So we have an appointment with him and our ward mission leader and his wife tomorrow! Hopefully by getting the members involved more he will progress faster! woot! I love when members get involved, it really helps our gators move along a lot smoother! :) 

On Saturday we had a SUPER spiritual lesson with Janean and Jim! The Elders went with us cause Janean asked for a blessing. It was so powerful! We had the blessing first, then us missionaries sang "I am a child of God" right before we said the prayer. It set the tone for the lesson SO well! Jim has never seen a priesthood blessing and Janean doesn't remember too much, so it was incredible for them to experience that! Jim was pretty quiet for most of our lesson, which isn't like him, but while we were singing I am a child of God he started crying! He hid it, but I know he was touched by the spirit! We talked with them about the word of wisdom. Jim has COPD from smoking A LOT and he still smokes a pack a day, Janean use to smoke and loves her coffee. Janean knows it is true and wants to be an active member! The miracle was she came to church yesterday and LOVED it! She told us that she is ready to come back but Jim isn't. He kept telling us how he was born a baptist and will die a baptist... he just needs to keep telling himself that cause he knows it is true! I just love this couple! I can't believe Janean was at church! The first time in 30 plus years!!! Wow! :) 

Also Ken came to church too!!! Sister Schmidt was speaking so he said he would come and support her! Super awesome since he wants to "save our souls" he is so great tho! His views on Mormons have changed for the better! :) The ward was so welcoming and reached out to him! :) That evening we went with him and his family to their evening church service! It was super cool and a neat experience. Lets just say that is was good, but lacking the spirit... plus I don't like when people yell about the scriptures. lol. But I love how our good friends we have become their family! 

I hope y'all are doing great! Keep smiling! I love ya! xoxoxo

~ Sister Tara Willie
 This transfers district!!!
 Morning sunrise! Beautiful!

 Just my size! ;) Oh the random things you find in peeps yards! lol

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